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Snow Village 2011 to 2012


Ice Poker Table 2011/12
Snow Village Dining Room 2011/12

It must be hard to keep your poker face intact when perching on an ice stool but that didn't seem to bother the folks who visited the Snow Village in 2011/12 for a round of the European poker series!

Flaming Corridors 2011/12 Snow Sculpture 2011/12
This was the season of fire and ice, when corridors were decorated with sculpted ice flames lit by red LEDs.
Ice Suite Bed 2011/12 Ice Suite Room View 2011/12

Having made its mark in previous years, the Ice Chapel became even more detailed this year and the Ice Bar saw the introduction of some really cool ice stools!

Ice Bar 2011/12

Love Boat Suite

Suite Carvings 2011/12

Whilst the standard ice rooms boasted an extra level of comfort with mattresses on the ice beds, the show stopping suites featured murals inspired by topics as diverse as classical mythology and the Love Boat!

26. June 2013 by Joanne Wilson

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