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Spring has Sprung in Scandinavia

As the United States has faced Arctic conditions, the same weather system has brought unexpected warmer spells to areas of Scandinavia. Usually associated with very cold winters and snow-topped landscapes during winter, the high pressure system that prevents warmer airs from travelling up the Arctic Ocean has somehow been compromised and the norm has been tipped on its head.

Some parts of Scandinavia are now experiencing the warmest winter in a century and this has resulted in the early emergence of bears from hibernation and flowers blooming much earlier than expected. Although, at first glance, this may not seem too much of a problem, further research suggests that these changes could affect the entire local ecosystem. Prof Jon Swenson of the Norwegian University of Life Sciences predicts the warmer climate will result in additional thawing periods which can be fatal for berry-bearing plants upon which many animals and insects are reliant.

Norway’s local media have been publishing readers’ pictures of flowers in early bloom, showing daffodils, crocuses and honeysuckle appearing as early as 14th December. And many varieties of bird have been reluctant to migrate during the recent warm spells with Stephen Menzie of the Falsterbo Bird Observatory in south west Norway reporting a staggering amount of birds remaining in the area during November, a time when numbers are expected to be sparse.

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24. February 2014 by Joanne Wilson

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