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Stockholm's Most Wanted


Stockholm’s police department were recently called out to the eastern suburbs to deal with a gang of drunks. Nothing strange about this you may think, until you hear the perpetrators were all elk!

The animals were preventing a local man from entering his home after becoming intoxicated on fermented apples in his garden. The creatures usually shy away from people when approached, but become rather boisterous when drunk.

The bemused resident was not, however, inexperienced with drunken elk. A few years ago one such intoxicated beast chased his wife from their yard causing her to lock herself in the house!

On the latest occasion, the neighbourhood nuisances wisely fled the scene before police arrived and thus still remain at large.

The problem of fermented fruit is widely recognised in the area and each year, locals are advised to clear their yards of the offending items with the aim of preventing such occurrences. Fingers crossed these unlikely addicts don’t replace the apples with anything stronger!

14. September 2013 by James Walker

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