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We all enjoy a cup of coffee now and again but few of us can compete with the average consumption in Iceland (9kg per person, per year). Indeed, Icelanders drink more coffee per head than the French and the English combined!

Coffee, in Iceland, is everywhere. From swimming pools and supermarkets to bookshops, there’s always a cup on hand when you need it. Indeed, the influence of coffee has even impacted the Icelandic language and there are words for morning coffee (morgunkaffi) and evening coffee (kvöldkaffi).

Most cafes roast their own beans or get their coffee from Iceland’s two leading speciality roasteries, Te & Kaffi and Kaffitár. These operate from the Reykjavík area and, although they are the biggest in Iceland, they are relatively small in international standards, putting the emphasis on quality and technique.

Travel to Iceland with the Mighty Fine Company and as well as discovering its truly amazing landscapes and geological features, make time for a cup of the black stuff in Reykjavik!


27. March 2014 by Emma Smith

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