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The Bare Facts on Bears

Bear family

The Brown Bear is one of the most fascinating land creatures imaginable. This furry giant stands up 2.5 metres tall on its hind legs, with the Brown Bears of Scandinavia weighing up to 340kg.

But did you know that:

• despite their name, brown bears can be black, yellow, red and even beige

• at around 20cm, these bears are only about the size of a chipmunk at birth – that’s 5cm smaller than a grey squirrel

Bears play fighting

• brown bears give birth during hibernation, not waking up until the young can follow their mother out of the den. Hibernation lasts for up to six months and, despite being blind at birth, the young are programmed to find their mother’s milk source, developing apace as she sleeps

• prior to hibernation, Brown Bears can eat up to 40kg of vegetation, insects, fish and small mammals per day. That’s comparable to a 76kg man eating a daily menu weighing almost 10kg (around 22 family sized tins of baked beans)

• Brown Bears can reach a running speed of up to 50kmph– an impressive 12kmph faster than Usain Bolt!

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3. September 2013 by Joanne Wilson

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