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The Beautiful Face(s) of Iceland

Renowned Russian photographer, Varya Lozenko, is currently busy snapping a thousandth of Iceland's population! This amazing, reportage project aims to capture a melting pot of images reflecting various ages and ethnicities.

Before starting her project, Lozenko admits to knowing very little about the country, stating that she knew little more than the fact that this island was the homeland of quirky songstress Bjork!

What enticed Lozenko, however, was Iceland's natural splendour and the unique qualities and hospitality of its people. This led her to launching her project which has been greeted with enthusiasm by Iceland's inhabitants.

The project, to be named 320 Icelanders, is already over 50% complete and will culminate in an exhibition in spring 2014.

To see the wonders of Iceland and meet it fabulous inhabitants for yourself, take a look at this amazing range of Icelandic breaks.


27. January 2014 by Emma Smith

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