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The Eagles View Suite

Artists impression of tree in Eagle's View

When I was first presented with the 3D artist’s impression of the new addition to the incredible resort at Iso-Syöte, I deemed the Eagles View Suite an ambitious project that, if successful, would prove one of the most luxurious residences I had ever seen.

The Eagles View Suite was created to offer secluded opulence in a fabulous setting. It has certainly achieved this – something I realised when I arrived at the utterly tranquil builArtists impression of windows in Eagle's Viewd site. The plans revealed how large windows would serve as many of the walls to the suite, ensuring panoramic views of the stunning vistas below. The craftsmanship and intricacy required to turn the plans for the Eagles View Suite into a reality soon became evident when I saw how the tree, which was to serve as both a centre piece and support to the upper floor, was manipulated into position. The next step was to install a large metal frame, without which such enormous windows could not have been used.

Tree being lifted into place at Eagle's View Moose watch construction of Eagle's View

As I stood watching the construction in such an isolated place, I realised just how idyllic the Eagle View Suite was going to be.

Finished interior at Eagle's View Amusingly, it appeared I wasn’t the only one impressed by the build process and, one morning when I arrived on site, I was delighted to be joined by a herd of moose that had gathered to see what was going on in their habitat. The fact they grazed comfortably around the Eagles View Suite, stopping intermittently to look up at the towering accommodation, reassured me that the elevated structure would not disturb their environment one iota.

Eagles View exterior

I returned to the site often during the build process and when I was finally permitted to view the interior, I truly did not want to leave. The large, sumptuous seating areas, contemporary yet rustic furnishings and sensational stone flooring make for a truly amazing setting. The highlight for me, however, was the tree, right in the centre of the accommodation! Although I had witnessed the suite being built around it, seeing it in its finished environment is a different thing altogether. My ultimate goal was to see whether the Eagles View Suite lived up to its name so, stepping up the beautiful wooden staircase, I entered “the nest” with its lavish circular bed and jacuzzi.

Falling asleep to views of snow-dipped landscapes as far as the eye can see is an incredible experience and one I hope to relive quite soon. My only fear is that this secret hideaway won’t stay secret for long.

10. June 2013 by Joanne Wilson

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