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The End of an Era for Norway’s National Dish

For the past four decades, fårikål, a combination of boiled lamb and cabbage, has reigned supreme as Norway’s national dish, but the search is now on for a replacement. Food and Agriculture Minister, Sylvi Listhaug launched the foody competition ahead of celebrations for the 200th anniversary of the signing of Norway’s constitution.

From Italy’s pizza to France’s frog legs, it appears every country has a dish for which it is renowned and Norway’s lamb and cabbage simply doesn’t cut the mustard any more. Sylvi is keen to highlight Norway’s home-grown produce and has invited Norwegians to recommend dishes more suited to the modern palate. The Minister, alongside other judges, will be looking for a meal that uses local ingredients, culminating in something Norway would be proud to call its national dish.

If the country’s most popular dishes are anything to go by, the judges can expect to be presented with many fish-related meals. Norway’s desserts, however, may prove more enticing to the foreign palate so, perhaps, a sweet-flavoured dish such as a Norwegian rice pudding or sour cream dessert omelette may win the day. Watch this space!

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19. February 2014 by Emma Smith

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