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The Scandinavian Big Five

eagle near Ringstad

The verdant landscapes of Norway, Sweden and Finland come into their own during summer, when the longer days provide a multitude of opportunities to go wildlife watching in Scandinavia. Many will be familiar with the Big Five of Africa, yet the lesser known Scandinavian Big Five is coming to the fore as a collection of the most sought after wildlife for photographers and animal enthusiasts alike. The five most prominent animals include wolves, wolverines, bears, whales and eagles, and when you go wildlife watching in Scandinavia you can go in search of these magnificent creatures in their spectacular natural habitats. Take a Bear Watching Holiday in the Wild Taiga of Finland, for example, and you can look forward to some magnificent wildlife encounters. This eight day break takes you to all the best locations to see these magnificent creatures roaming free, just as nature intended.

bear and wolf in the Taiga forest

whale near Andenes

3. June 2013 by Joanne Wilson

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