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Tin Can Raises the Roof

A small tin of fermented Baltic Sea herring (Surströmming) has caused a media frenzy in Norway.

Cabin owner Inge Haugen found the forgotten tin in his loft, having placed it there some 25 years ago. Noticing the swollen Surströmming tin had raised the roof by around two centimetres, Haugen grew anxious, believing that it would explode.

After warning neighbours about the potential explosion, he decided to call in Norway’s Armed Forces who referred him to Ruben Madsen of the Surströmming Academy to help ‘disarm’ the tin.

Hundreds of journalists and inquisitive neighbours flocked to Haugen’s small cabin in the village of Tyrsil to witness the disarmament of this now famous tin. After careful consideration, it was decided that the tin posed no danger and tins of slightly fresher Surströmming were handed out to the crowds!

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9. September 2014 by James Walker

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