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To Infinity and Beyond!

Any luxury hotel worth its salt has an infinity pool. There’s something oh so magical about the water reaching out to the horizon, it’s as if you could swim forever. Yet, as always, where man follows, nature has gone before – the natural infinity pools of the Azorean island of Sao Miguel are simply stunning!

The Caldeira Velha is a remote attraction, accessed by a rainforest path. Here a warm waterfall cascades into a creek, creating a picture perfect infinity pool.

The island’s Ponta de Ferreira, on the other hand, is one of Sao Miguel’s many tidal pools. Here natural hot springs feed into the sea, creating a warm, natural pool. Not as picturesque as the Caldeira Velha due to its surrounding black lava rocks, this amazing site more than makes up for in natural magnificence what it loses in picture postcard perfection!

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11. November 2014 by James Walker

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