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Viking Fashion Invasion

Teenage fashions change with the wind and it was only a matter of time before a fresh cargo of innovative designs sailed towards UK shores. What is perhaps unexpected is that this time influences appear to have arrived aboard a Viking ship! You see, whereas once-upon-a-time it was the ultra-modern tastes of American teenagers that influenced our own young adults, the highstreet is now awash with Swedish styles tempting youngsters with their unusual designs.

Swedish stores have been creeping onto our highstreets for many years, with shops such as H&M offering less-expensive versions of catwalk favourites. However, recent years have seen Scandinavian designs stomping boldly to the fore, enveloping teens in their simpler, uniform styles. Aviator jackets and the ubiquitous pistol ankle boot favoured by the modern-day icons of popular culture, including Rhianna and Alexa Chung, are now staple pieces of any fashion-forward teenager’s wardrobe. Young men are also unwittingly projecting the styles of Scandinavia, with waistcoats, military boots and over-sized scarves making their way into everyday attire.

Indeed, when it comes to fashion, teenagers really are embracing Swedish style. And as visitors to some of the country’s more unusual holiday locations will concur, that style can be quirky, it can be different but it is always truly wonderful!

3. February 2014 by Emma Smith

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