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Amazing Animals in Awesome Autumn

Although many people think that spring is the ideal season for a wildlife watching holiday, autumn is also an exciting time to take your trip.

This great season marks a time when many animals start preparing for their winter hibernation meaning you’re more likely to see them foraging; you may even catch some creatures mid migration!

Our amazing selection of wildlife holidays invites you to track wolves in Sweden, see Brown Bears in Finland, search for stunning whales in Norway, encounter majestic Polar Bears in Canada or head to Africa and embark on the safari of a lifetime.

Whether you’re travelling alone, as a couple, part of a group or family, autumn is a great time to take a wildlife watching holiday.


22. August 2014 by Emma Smith

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What a Mighty Fine Collection of Canada Holidays!

The Mighty Fine Company has updated its range of holidays in Canada and I, for one, cannot wait to get out on one of them! From Polar Bear watching to helicopter rides to the stunning Northern Lights display, you really will feel spoilt for choice! Take a look…


Blueberry Lake
Here you can enjoy a vast array of activities which are fun for people of all ages. This, in combination with the areas beautiful scenery means you get excitement and an enticing backdrop all in one trip. Take the Luxury Canada Winter Adventure and enjoy snow-based activities such as cross-country skiing, ice fishing and more. Alternatively, take the Canadian Summer Adventure Holiday and indulge in whitewater rafting and off road buggy tours, amongst other exciting summer activities.


The Rocky Mountains
Visit the awe striking ‘Rockies’ and be thrilled by the spectacular attractions which spread through North America and Canada. Travel by rail, road and the famous Rocky Mountaineer as you discover Banff, Vancouver and so much more! Check out the Canadian Rockies Rail Tour for your chance to explore by rail on the Rocky Mountaineer plus engage in a thrilling Helicopter Tour. Explore the area on the Wild West Rockies Self Drive where you’ll spend four nights in traditional wild west style ranches. Take the Luxury Rockies Fly Drive where you’ll not only have the chance to explore your stunning surroundings, but you’ll also stay in the lap of luxury at a beautiful waterside lodge.


The Northern Lights
Churchill in Canada is one of the best places in the world to view the surreal Aurora Borealis due to its northerliness. On the Northern Lights in Canada tour you make the most of this great Northern Lights spotting location as you embark on four night time safaris in search of the stunning vision. Also, try your hand at exciting snow-based activities such as dogsledding and snowshoeing.


Niagara Falls and Toronto
On the Toronto and Niagara Falls Holiday, spend eight days enjoying the stunning highlights of Toronto and the surrounding area. Visit natures stunning creation, Niagara Falls, and gaze in wonderment at its beauty. Spend a day touring the nearby winery and later, tasting the delicious local wines.




Canada by Trans Rail
Explore Canada in unique style on the Trans Canada Rail Holiday as the one-of-a-kind Rocky Mountaineer leads you from west to east stopping at truly remarkable attractions. Banff National Park offers hot spring reserves and unparalleled mountain scenery for you to enjoy. The clear waters of Lake Louise allow for some fantastic landscape photograph opportunities.


Polar Bear Watching
Visit the ‘Polar Bear Capital of the World’ in Churchill where you’ll feast your eyes on the majestic, snowy coloured animals which reside in the area. Be overwhelmed by their presence as your Tundra Buggy transport gets within inches of the great white bears. The Polar Bear Watching Holiday is ideal for wildlife lovers as it allows you to spend three full days on board the buggy ensuring that you have ample opportunities to enjoy this unique vision. Keen photographers should take the Polar Bear Photography Holiday for their chance to improve their skills with the help of a professional photographer and capture the shot of a lifetime.


Canadian Wildlife
Aside from Polar Bears, Canada offers a whole host of stunning wildlife for you to discover. The Polar Bears closest living relative, the Black Bear, resides in western areas of Canada along with other rare animals such as the Bald Eagle. On the Wildlife Holiday in British Columbia adventure you’ll travel by floatplane to the fantastic Knight Inlet Lodge where you’ll spend three days Bear watching. You’ll also enjoy two separate Whale watching activities.

Canadian Fjords and the Sunshine Coast
Travel by land and sea as you discover sublime Canadian Fjords, striking Black Bears and fascinating Whales on the Canada Sunshine Coast Self Drive Holiday. Travel on a round trip from Vancouver visiting the Sunshine Coast and many other places along the way. Also, take part in a thrilling Black Bear watching safari and an exciting Whale watching safari.


Snow Hotel in Québec
Feast your eyes on a truly remarkable piece of architecture as you visit the amazing Hôtel de Glace in Québec. As the hotel melts every summer, a new building is created every year for tourists to enjoy. The structure is made solely from ice and snow and consists of fantastic artistic carvings and mood lighting. A trip to the Snow Hotel Quebec not only allows you to stay in this marvellous creation but also features an exciting dog sledding activity and gives you some time exploring the only walled city north of Mexico, Québec.

With so much choice, it’s hard to decide! Take a look at the full selection of new Canadian getaways and see which trip is right for you.

16. July 2014 by Joanne Wilson

The Bare Facts on Bears

Bear family

The Brown Bear is one of the most fascinating land creatures imaginable. This furry giant stands up 2.5 metres tall on its hind legs, with the Brown Bears of Scandinavia weighing up to 340kg.

But did you know that:

• despite their name, brown bears can be black, yellow, red and even beige More...

3. September 2013 by Joanne Wilson

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The Scandinavian Big Five

eagle near Ringstad

The verdant landscapes of Norway, Sweden and Finland come into their own during summer, when the longer days provide a multitude of opportunities to go wildlife watching in Scandinavia. Many will be familiar with the Big Five of Africa, yet the lesser known Scandinavian Big Five is coming to the fore as a collection of the most sought after wildlife for photographers and animal enthusiasts alike. The five most prominent animals include wolves, wolverines, bears, whales and eagles, and when you go wildlife watching in Scandinavia you can go in search of these magnificent creatures in their spectacular natural habitats. Take a Bear Watching Holiday in the Wild Taiga of Finland, for example, and you can look forward to some magnificent wildlife encounters. This eight day break takes you to all the best locations to see these magnificent creatures roaming free, just as nature intended.

bear and wolf in the Taiga forest

whale near Andenes

3. June 2013 by Joanne Wilson

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