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Snow Patch Reveals Norway’s Stone Age Secrets

Lavvo NorwayThe fragments of five Neolithic arrow shafts and a Neolithic longbow have been discovered in Norway by two collectors working on a snow patch.

Wooden parts of Stone Age material are rarely discovered by modern archaeologists as they simply don’t survive. These items were preserved incredibly well, however, due to their snow patch location. Indeed, it is thought that the artefacts belonged to hunters who lost them whilst tracking reindeer gathered around snow patches. More...

29. October 2013 by Joanne Wilson

Get To Know Your Mummy

Visit Stockholm in 2014 and unwrap an Egyptian mummy!

The Medelhavsmuseet is digitising its mummy collection to allow visitors to explore the exhibits for themselves.

Visitors will be able to zoom in on sarcophagus carvings before peeling off virtual layers of the mummy's wrapping and exploring the artefacts buried with the body.

"The technology will enable our visitors to gain a deeper understanding of the men and women inside the mummy wrappings," said Elna Nord, producer of the exhibition. "Layer by layer, the visitor can unwrap the mummy and gain knowledge of the individual's sex, age, living conditions and beliefs."

You can enjoy a trip to Stockholm and the Ice Hotel with The Mighty Fine Company.

14. July 2013 by Joanne Wilson

New Viking Centre for Oslo

Oslo Parliament

A new Viking centre is to be built at Bygdøy, Oslo, to bring together the treasures of Norway’s Viking age.

With exhibits currently spread across several museum buildings at Bygdøy and concerns about moving exhibits due to their fragility, the decision has been taken to create the new centre on the site of the current museum.

You can experience Oslo for yourself on this fabulous twin centre break.

3. July 2013 by Joanne Wilson

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Cultural Holiday Destinations Around the World

It is now easier than ever before to experience the cultures of countries around the globe. Media has opened virtual portals into all the cultural holiday destinations imaginable, but to fully appreciate the authenticity of a location, one must be truly immersed in it. If I was asked to condense my choices into a list of top five cultural holiday destinations, my selection would simply have to include Egypt, the Mediterranean, Asia, Africa and Finland. Each region is rich in history and yet has many contemporary delights to offer. My top five destinations also provide an insight into nature and wildlife. What could be more thrilling that meeting the Sámi people of Finland, witnessing the wildlife of Africa, walking among the ruins of Rome and Istanbul and discovering the hidden secrets of the Pharaohs?

Sami child

Local cuisine

20. May 2013 by Joanne Wilson

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