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Don't Laugh at Rudolph Say Swedish Scientists

According Swedish scientists, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer may actually exist!

Thermal imaging cameras reveal that an abundance of blood vessels in reindeer snouts help to retain heat and make their noses more sensitive – important when foraging for food. In extremely cold weather, therefore, their snouts may, indeed, glow a reddish colour, perhaps explaining the origin of the well-loved yuletide song.

Look out for this amazing phenomenon when you meet the herd on our winter activity holidays.

10. February 2014 by James Walker

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Santa’s Not-So Secret Helpers

Have you ever wondered where all those letters to Father Christmas go and how each one manages to get a reply? Well, wonder no more, I have happened upon the answer.

Now, I admit to being the cynical type, but I also have to admit to being very impressed when, each year, my nieces and nephews receive a personalised letter from the man himself. It is extra touches like this that can really make a child’s Christmas. I’d love to believe that Santa takes time out of his hectic schedule to write each and every one of those letters, but that would call for more than simple suspension of belief: the man just doesn’t have the time! More...

30. January 2014 by James Walker

Make Mine a Happy New Year

HuskiesNo doubt most of you will be sipping something suitably festive by now, revelling in the thrill and anticipation of a big night out. Others will be enjoying New Year Breaks somewhere utterly fabulous, surrounded by a mystical winter wonderland. This year, if you have resigned yourself to singing Auld Lang Syne in front of the TV as Big Ben chimes 12, I recommend making it your New Year’s resolution to book one of the tempting Mighty Fine winter holidays.

Do you not find that New Year, just like Christmas, seems to pop up unexpectedly every single time, meaning Aurorathose of us that usually leave everything to the last minute are left without any set plans, pondering “How did that happen”? This is why, when it comes to New Year getaways, forward planning is a must. I learned my lesson early after spending one particularly memorable New Year’s Eve in front of the TV, only to nod off and then wake up discovering I had missed the entire event by an hour. After that, I resolved to make the most of the festive season and, in spring, booked a trip for next New Year’s Eve to Norway to look for the Northern Lights.

Now whenever possible I book a festive holiday to somewhere new, or if I’ve discovered somewhere spectacular I may return, eager to celebrate with friends old and new. To date I have seen fireworks over the Rhine, witnessed the Aurora Borealis in Finland and

negotiated the snow-dipped landscapes of Norway in a husky dog sled. This year I am celebrating at the Snow Hotel in Kirkenes, with its ornate, icy interiors and enticing Snow Bar. As the clock chimes 12, I promise to raise a glass (made of ice) to you all and wish you a Happy New Year, whatever your plans may be. Maybe I'll see you here next year?

A fabulous range of exciting New Year Breaks can be found on the Mighty Fine website.

31. December 2013 by Emma Smith


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Christmas in Iceland: Family Festivities and a Big New Year!

I’ve heard of a lump Blue lagoon winterof coal in your Christmas stocking, but a potato in your shoe? This unusual gift is left for the naughty children of Iceland, not by Father Christmas you understand, he’s too busy building toys through the year to grow potatoes; in fact he doesn’t visit Iceland at all. He’s saved the job by the 13 Yulelads.

These festive visitors used to be depicted as mischievous elves that came to pilfer and play tricks on people but, as time has passed, they’ve developed into a cross between folklore characters and part time Santas! More...

23. December 2013 by James Walker

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