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Who said dinosaurs were extinct? In Finland, a band full of dinosaurs - yes, dinosaurs - are sweeping the nation with their heavy metal music.

Aimed at children, Hevisaurus is a fun, educational band that uses amps which reach a child-friendly 85 decibels on stage. These monsters of rock first formed in 2009 and have gone from strength to strength since, having two top 10 albums already. Their singles focus on everyday events such as bullying, chewing gum, drinking milk and being part of the ‘Saurus army.

Band spokesperson Jan Streng says ‘Hevisaurus is about fun characters, nice stories, music, colours and lights. The band is suitably hard, but not scary.’

Travel to Finland with the Mighty Fine Company and you might even catch Hevisaurus in action!

4. September 2014 by Emma Smith


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Flora and Fauna Go Techno in Finland

If you’re thinking of venturing to Finland to explore its stunning flora and fauna, an innovative app has been launched to assist you in your quest!

NatureGate features pictures and videos describing many different species of plants and animals. The app uses categories such as colour, shape, size and habitat to help narrow down your search. There is then a wealth of information on whichever animal, bird or plant you are trying to identify.

This exciting new app, available in English, Finnish, Swedish and many more languages, displays the work of Eija and Jouko Lehmuskallio who have spent 25 years building up an amazing collection of images, facts and figures with help of coders, biologists and other photographers.

Discover the joys of Finland for yourself on one of our fabulous Finnish getaways.

2. September 2014 by Emma Smith

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Last month Finland hosted its first ever English stand-up comedy festival. The showcase, Arctic Laughs, saw around 30 comedians perform their side-splitting routines. Ali Jahangiri, one of the comedians and organisers of the event, explained ‘This is the first-ever English comedy festival where English is not the native language. In Finland, people don't seem to realise how good our stand-up comedians are, and with the help of this festival we would like change that." The showcase was a big hit, providing ample entertainment for locals and tourists – it even gave some local comedians the chance to show off their talents and practice their English!

See how Finland can bring a smile to your face with our amazing selection of holidays in Finland!

5. August 2014 by James Walker

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In Flight Mode and Ready for Take Off

Passengers on Finnair flights can now use portable electronic devices, in flight mode, during take-off and landing.

Smart phones, tablets and e-readers are covered by the new regulations, although laptop computers must still be switched off and stored correctly during ascent and descent. More...

5. May 2014 by Emma Smith

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