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A Vroom with a View

This year, Iceland’s Route 1 ring road was ranked seventh in Virtual Tourist’s list of the world’s top coastal drives due to its "incredible coastal views and landmarks". And you can explore its beauty for yourself on the Mighty Fine Company's fabulous range of Iceland holidays .

Our self drive and escorted tours in Iceland all feature the chance to travel along The Icelandic Ring Road. This 1335km circle around the country, takes in the vast majority of the country’s major highlights, providing an experience you’ll treasure for a very long time to come!

10. October 2014 by James Walker

The Not-So-Secret Beauty of Iceland

The sensational scenery of Iceland has hit our screens plenty of times over the last few years, featuring as everything from medieval wilderness to the otherworldly terrains of an alien planet! Now though, Iceland gets the credit it deserves in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty as Ben Stiller explores some of the country’s most breathtaking scenery.

From stunning lava fields and mighty volcanoes to awe-inspiring glaciers, Iceland has it all and with this latest, must-see movie, it hits the big screen in style!

Experience the country’s amazing beauty for yourself on an adventure in Iceland with the Mighty Fine Company.


13. January 2014 by Emma Smith

Cultural Holiday Destinations Around the World

It is now easier than ever before to experience the cultures of countries around the globe. Media has opened virtual portals into all the cultural holiday destinations imaginable, but to fully appreciate the authenticity of a location, one must be truly immersed in it. If I was asked to condense my choices into a list of top five cultural holiday destinations, my selection would simply have to include Egypt, the Mediterranean, Asia, Africa and Finland. Each region is rich in history and yet has many contemporary delights to offer. My top five destinations also provide an insight into nature and wildlife. What could be more thrilling that meeting the Sámi people of Finland, witnessing the wildlife of Africa, walking among the ruins of Rome and Istanbul and discovering the hidden secrets of the Pharaohs?

Sami child

Local cuisine

20. May 2013 by Joanne Wilson

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