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What's That Coming Over the Hill?

We all know about the legend of the Loch Ness Monster but did you know that Iceland has its very own version of Nessie?

The Lagarfljótsormur, or Icelandic worm monster, is purported to live in Lagarfljót, Egilsstaðir and was first ‘sighted’ in 1345. Serpent like in appearance, longer than a football field and with many humps, the creature often rises above the waterline of its freshwater home. Indeed, it has even been sighted out of the water, either coiled up or slithering through the lakeside trees. More...

18. November 2014 by Emma Smith

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Ploughing His Own Furrow in Iceland

Many of us long to tour Iceland – indeed, with the stunning scenery, amazing natural attractions and fabulous geological wonders here, it’s the perfect destination for a self drive holiday. But where most of us would opt for a comfortable hire car to get out and about in Iceland, retired theatre technician Reiner Huttasch is exploring the country on his 54 year old Buhler tractor!

Expecting to spend around six weeks in the country - travelling at just 20mph and sleeping in a self-built mobile home he tows behind his tractor - Reiner’s trip through Iceland is just one leg of a much longer journey through Germany, Denmark, the UK, Belgium and France. More...

17. October 2014 by James Walker

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A Vroom with a View

This year, Iceland’s Route 1 ring road was ranked seventh in Virtual Tourist’s list of the world’s top coastal drives due to its "incredible coastal views and landmarks". And you can explore its beauty for yourself on the Mighty Fine Company's fabulous range of Iceland holidays .

Our self drive and escorted tours in Iceland all feature the chance to travel along The Icelandic Ring Road. This 1335km circle around the country, takes in the vast majority of the country’s major highlights, providing an experience you’ll treasure for a very long time to come!

10. October 2014 by James Walker

Volcano Flights in Iceland

If you're planning to visit Iceland this autumn/winter to see the marvellous natural attractions and the amazing Northern Lights, why not add a fiery twist to your break with a helicopter flight to see a live volcano?

Three weeks ago, Iceland's erupting volcanoes were big news but, as it became clear that the activity was localised to a remote inland region of the country, the story disappeared from the headlines. With Iceland's Northern Lights season now taking hold, however, the country is ready to make the front pages of the travel supplements once again so, when you are planning your holiday in Iceland with the Mighty Fine Company, why not turn up the heat and ask our travel team about booking a helicopter flight to see a live volcano? It's sure to be a fire cracker of a trip!

26. September 2014 by James Walker

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Doomed Duncan and Hopeless Harriet

Duncan and Harriet are two perfectly normal names in the United Kingdom but if either is your moniker in Iceland, you’re in for a bumpy ride!

All children born in Iceland must be given one of the 1,853 female or 1,712 male names sanctioned by the government. If parents opt for a more adventurous name, they must apply for permission to use it. The list of approved names was published in 1996 in an effort to preserve the Icelandic language.

Up until recently, those with unapproved names were titled ‘girl’ or ‘boy’ on their passport, but changing legislation now means that an individual’s name has to appear on the document. This ruling caused significant problems for a British-Icelandic couple who needed to renew their children’s passports. Sadly, it looked like Duncan, Harriet and their parents would be going nowhere, as the Icelandic renewal was refused. A late application for emergency passports from the UK Embassy, however, managed to save the day!

To discover more about the traditions and culture of Iceland, travel to the 'Land of Fire and Ice' with us.

26. August 2014 by Emma Smith

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