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Get Your Claus into The History of Santa

With just about eight weeks to the big day, The Mighty Fine Company takes a look at the history of Santa.

  • 1. Who is he?

Santa is based on Nicholas, the Bishop of Myra. Born in the year 270 in a town in modern Turkey, Nicholas earned a reputation as an anonymous gift giver, paying the dowries of poor girl, handing out treats to children and leaving coins in their shoes. Following his death, Nicholas was canonized and became the patron saint of children. More...

24. October 2014 by Emma Smith

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Unusual Accommodation in Scandinavia

Mirror Cube Harads

More and more people are keen to find truly unique holidays that are a contrast from the usual breaks in the sun. The unusual accommodation in Scandinavia attracts couples, families and lone travellers alike who wish to savour the individuality of hotels and sites that are set amongst sensational backdrops. Winter transforms the lush green landscapes of Scandinavia into a vast wonderland, punctuated by snow-capped mountains and forests bedecked with icicles, which glint in the sun like frozen jewels. It is therefore no wonder that places such as the Igloo Village in Finland is popular among contemporary holidaymakers. What makes this unusual accommodation in Scandinavia alluring is the fact you have the opportunity to stay in either a glass or snow igloo. Each is distinctive and boasts different benefits. The glass igloos provide panoramic viewing of the skies and are perfect for looking for the Northern Lights or enjoying a spot of star gazing. The snow igloos provide a much more intimate experience that is ideal for couples who can keep snug in insulated sleeping bags, resting on reindeer skins. More...

28. May 2013 by Joanne Wilson

Just Got Back from… Saariselkä

Dog Sledding LaplandThe overall feel of the holiday village in Saariselkä is one of homely charm which would appeal to families and couples. My experiences here have been amongst my most memorable to date. The magical ambience of the snow covered fells and rustic cabin accommodation really do make for the ideal winter escape. The Kakslauttanen Igloo Village is a shimmering cluster of snow and glass igloos, log cabins and hotel rooms and suites. Although based in a picturesque rural area, there are numerous facilities nearby, including shops, cafés and other hotel restaurants. During my stay I plucked up the courage to embark on a snowmobile safari. As anyone who knows me will gladly tell you, I am the original scaredy cat, so this was no easy decision! However, in no time at all, my fear was superseded by excitement and I can highly recommend this as a spectacular way to imbibe the incredible Arctic scenery. Although snowmobiling may have filled me with slight, yes slight, intrepidation, I am always open to new experiences and so, when we stopped to enjoy reindeer around an open fire, I was happy to sample the local cuisine. If you are searching for a unique family break or a romantic getaway, the Kakslauttanen Holiday Village is well worth a look.

Hotel room Saariselka

Watch out for the Moose

26. January 2013 by Emma Smith

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