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Christmas in Iceland: Family Festivities and a Big New Year!

I’ve heard of a lump Blue lagoon winterof coal in your Christmas stocking, but a potato in your shoe? This unusual gift is left for the naughty children of Iceland, not by Father Christmas you understand, he’s too busy building toys through the year to grow potatoes; in fact he doesn’t visit Iceland at all. He’s saved the job by the 13 Yulelads.

These festive visitors used to be depicted as mischievous elves that came to pilfer and play tricks on people but, as time has passed, they’ve developed into a cross between folklore characters and part time Santas! More...

23. December 2013 by James Walker

Just Got Back From…Norway in Autumn

Eagle and preyThe Northern Lights Sunsetin winter are one of the biggest attractions in Scandinavia and, having seen them myself, I completely understand why. But this year I wanted something a little different, so I decided to dodge the tourist traffic and head up to Vesterålen to take in the Aurora in autumn (yes, you can do that!).

So what can I share about the experience? Well first of all, it’s warmer in autumn than winter! This might seem obvious but trust me; it makes a big difference, not least because getting holiday photos is much easier when you’re not trying to operate the camera through three pairs of mittens! More...

18. October 2013 by James Walker

Take it to to the Top

Cable Car Tromso

Great news for visitors to Tromso, the city’s famous cable car has re-opened under the management of the family who built it over 50 years ago.

As anyone who has visited Tomso will tell you, there’s only one way to get the best views of the city, the fjords and the surrounding islands and that’s by taking the cable car up to the top of the magnificent Mount Storsteinen (the Big Rock).

Closed right through the winter season for a major overhaul, ‘Fjellheisen’ is now back in its full glory and in the hands of its original owners. More...

5. August 2013 by Emma Smith

A Whale of a Sail

Reykjavik Dinner Cruise Vessel

Wildlife watching is, undoubtedly, a joy for many but, if we are honest, it can sometimes get a little uncomfortable. Not so with the fabulous Reykjavik Dinner Cruise on offer through the Mighty Fine Company.

You’ll spend an evening whale watching from the comfort of a luxury cruiser as you sample a delicious five course dinner and listen to live music. This fabulous two and a half hour experience leaves the old harbour and passes the Harpa Concert Hall before circling the islands in Faxafloi bay. More...

2. August 2013 by Joanne Wilson

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