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The Joys of Snowmobiling

SnowmobilesThere is nothing more bracing or exciting than the thought of guiding a powerful machine through a snow-filled wilderness. You could be forgiven for thinking that one snowmobiling excursion is much the same as another but my time in Helsinki proved that differing landscapes make for unique experiences. More...

21. November 2013 by James Walker

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Real Men Play Finnish Football

Finland Snow Scene

Whilst many footballers tend to over-dramatise on-pitch developments, Rovaniemen Palloseura players face Arctic conditions each time they take to the pitch and never think twice about it.

The Finnish Premier League team embraces the freezing temperatures. Indeed, at one time or another, most players have faced temperatures of -18.

So how do team mates from Nigeria, Mexico and El Salvador cope with the freezing conditions? ‘They are shocked when they arrive,’ explains defender Tuomo Könönen ‘but after a while they are fine.’

If you want to travel to Lapland but aren’t feeling quite so brave, check out the Mighty Fine Company and you can leave your football strip at home!

22. October 2013 by Emma Smith

Mind Games in the Wilderness

Crown Snow Iso-Syote

Zooming through the forest around Iso-Syöte on a snowmobile is something of a dream-like experience. An experience all the more enhanced by the eerie sight of strange silhouettes, glimpsed at speeds that don’t allow for a proper look.

Is that really a stooping old man? Could that actually be a small child hiding in the forest? Oh my word, that has to be a polar bear!

I was sure I saw all these things and more when I visited this winter wonderland last year. It was, therefore, with some relief that I listened to our local guide explaining the concept of ‘Crown Snow’. More...

15. October 2013 by James Walker

Snow Village 2012 to 2013

Ice Suite 2012/13 Ice Crystals 2012/13


Visitors to the Snow Village this year were transported to China in a suite decorated with pandas and the Great Wall. Wildlife watching (ice style) was also in vogue with rooms decorated with images of eagles and other native creatures.

Corridors had a festive feel with Christmas tree sculptures lit by green LEDs and a Superman influence with Ice Castle style crystals. More...

27. June 2013 by Joanne Wilson

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