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Time for Coffee?

If you’re planning to visit Scandinavia this year with The Mighty Fine Company be prepared for coffee and cake!

Northern Europeans love to ‘fika’ (go out for coffee). In fact they love it so much that, certainly in Sweden, the coffee breaks come thick and fast (typically every two hours). And the great news is that, as well as the liquid refreshment, there’s always cake too! From cinnamon rolls to almond rusks and chocolate cake, if you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’re in for a treat!

So why not settle down with a cup of coffee and a slice of cake and find out all about our holidays in Scandinavia?

31. October 2014 by Emma Smith

Who Needs a Sled When You Can Take the Bus?

Mighty Fine customers absolutely love our Husky Sledding experiences but it seems some huskies prefer a different kind of transport!

When the 722 bus service pulled up at a stop in Norsborg, Sweden recently, a Siberian Husky hopped on board and helped himself to a seat. Despite being a model passenger, the unescorted dog was soon taking another ride – this time in a police car – to the local police station.

Happy to say, the owners were soon located and reunited with their fare-dodging dog. Let’s hope they manage to curb his passion for independent travel!

16. September 2014 by James Walker

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Disappearing Dragonflies Appear

A six-year study has shown that dragonflies, in southern Sweden, which were thought be extinct, are very much alive!

The project aimed to record the number of dragonflies in Skåne and Östergötland. It involved four researchers working on the project over a period of six years.

During the study, 64 different species were recorded including some which the researchers had never seen before and others which were previously considered extinct!

Explore the beautiful nature of Sweden for yourself on a short break at the wonderful treehotel.

29. August 2014 by Joanne Wilson

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