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A Killer in our Midst

Whale tail

Whale enthusiasts take note! This week's edition of Natural World focuses on the Killer Whale and has been filmed at the Bleik Rift, off the Norwegian Coast - the exact location of our fabulous Orca Watching break.

Don't miss the show on BBC2, Friday 25th October at 9pm and, if you fancy a closer look at these stunning creatures, check out these amazing Whale Watching Itineraries.

22. October 2013 by Joanne Wilson

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Amazing Whale Facts!

Whale surfacing

Top Five Whale Facts

Whales are amazing – there’s no denying it, but did you know:

• The average Orca will eat roughly 500lbs of food every day. This includes a large variety of fish; squid; seals; sea lions; penguins; porpoises. On very rare occasions even polar bears and moose have been found in the stomachs of Orca whales. To put it in shopping terms, you’d have to buy (and eat) an astounding 546 tins of baked beans to keep up with Orca! More...

10. September 2013 by Joanne Wilson

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A Whale of a Sail

Reykjavik Dinner Cruise Vessel

Wildlife watching is, undoubtedly, a joy for many but, if we are honest, it can sometimes get a little uncomfortable. Not so with the fabulous Reykjavik Dinner Cruise on offer through the Mighty Fine Company.

You’ll spend an evening whale watching from the comfort of a luxury cruiser as you sample a delicious five course dinner and listen to live music. This fabulous two and a half hour experience leaves the old harbour and passes the Harpa Concert Hall before circling the islands in Faxafloi bay. More...

2. August 2013 by Joanne Wilson

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