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Pack like a Polar Explorer

Reindeer are perfectly adapted to the arctic and don't need to pack!Reindeer are perfectly adapted to the arctic and don't need to pack!

So you have got your cruise to the polar regions booked! Now it's time for the next part of the adventure, planning and packing like a polar explorer. So what do you need for your expedition?

Why not start by following our quick guide on how to pack like an explorer?

First there are three essentials we believe everyone, when travelling anywhere abroad, needs and though this may sound obvious, you would be surprised how many people forget them! They are: your tickets, your passport and your money. These three things mean you will get to your destination and have the flexibility to buy what you need en route or when you get there!

Next, anywhere you go, you should take: More...

30. August 2016 by James Walker

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These cabins are real glassy!

New for winter 2015/2016 on our Lapland Igloo Village and the Northern Lights holiday are these incredible, traditional Log Cabin and Glass Igloo Hybrid cabins. Proving very popular already and ideal for people who want to combine the best of both worlds during their stay. If you want to find out more please email us on sales@mightyfinecompany.com or call us on +44 (0) 333 800 2033 and if you must stay in one this winter we would recommend that you get in touch soon, like everything else at the Lapland Igloo Village, availability is already very limited for the most popular days.

7. July 2015 by Joanne Wilson

Ski Success for Scotland

Andrew Musgrave, a 23-year-old from Scotland, has become the first foreigner to win Norway’s free-style sprint at the national cross-country skiing championships.

As only Norwegians can claim medals at the games, Musgrave was denied gold, but his win will be a crushing blow to Norwegian contenders Ola Vigen Hattestad and Finn Hågen Krogh who were awarded gold and silver medals respectively. Even the local press had to admit that the Scot’s victory would be a disappointment to the home teams, choosing the headline, “This hurts for the Norwegians”. More...

3. March 2014 by James Walker

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Finnish Celebrations on Christmas Eve? The Party’s Only Just Starting!

SantaWe all have our own Harrinivalittle traditions at Christmas time; from the standard turkey dinner to the ever-unworn jumpers we pretend to be delighted with. But in Finland they’ve got a few customs that leave our dreary itchy knitwear for standing!

For starters, the Finnish have a television broadcast more historic than the Queen’s Speech! Every Christmas Eve, most families gather round the TV to watch the reading of the Declaration of Christmas Peace. The Declaration started off being read out in the town square but, as times have changed, traditions have been adapted, but not forgotten. The Declaration has been read every year, save one, for almost 700 years! More...

10. December 2013 by James Walker

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