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Have A Pint at the Pocket Rocket!

A small hot dog stand in northern Norway has been refurbished and made into the tiniest pub in the country.

The Rocket kiosk is only 4.6 square metres in size and can hold up to nine drinkers on the outdoor terrace. The pub enjoys a prime location in Tromso, a city known for its amazing Northern Lights spotting opportunities.

Pub-goers can still purchase the Rocket’s own-recipe hot dogs but now they can wash them down with an ice cold beer or a warming glass of sherry!

Why not pop into the pocket Rocket for a pint when you travel to Tromso with us to see the Northern Lights?

15. August 2014 by James Walker

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The Draw of the Paw

Dog lover Christine Meerman-Cooper of Fife, Scotland, embarked on the journey of a lifetime earlier this year as she travelled to Alaska for a 12 day husky safari.

In November last year Christine saw an advert on Facebook from the legendary dog musher Joe Henderson, calling for 12 people to join his expedition team. She applied, thinking she had no chance of being picked; but she was wrong!

Three weeks before the 33-year-old marketing consultant was to wed her fiancé, Tim Cooper, in Lapland last December, she received a call saying she would be joining Joe’s team. Elation filled her as her marriage took place in her Lappish snowy paradise, similar to the one she’d be travelling across in a few months’ time. More...

12. August 2014 by Emma Smith

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Cave is Where the Heart is!

After a long, hard day at work or school what could be better than going home to your nice warm house and sleeping in your big comfy bed? Well, Norwegian teenager Ida Beate Løken has given all of that up in the hope of reducing her environmental impact.

Ida, a student at Sogn Agriculture and Horticulture School, moved into a cave in May last year. Aside from a sleeping bag and the clothes on her back, she left all of her earthly possessions at home with her parents. A true inspiration, she claims that, since living in a cave, she has learnt to survive without high-tech gadgets, something which would be extremely difficult for most teenagers nowadays.

With only a cat for company, she keeps herself busy with resourceful activities like catching rain in a bowl so she can drink and brush her teeth. A strong candidate for the Green Youth party in the Sogn og Fjordane county of Norway, she disparagingly refers to herself as ‘young, green and stupid.’ In the interests of the planet, we would certainly delete the stupid!

To see some other, rather unusual yet significantly more comfortable, places to stay in Norway, take a look at our unique hotels Norway.

8. August 2014 by Emma Smith

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Last month Finland hosted its first ever English stand-up comedy festival. The showcase, Arctic Laughs, saw around 30 comedians perform their side-splitting routines. Ali Jahangiri, one of the comedians and organisers of the event, explained ‘This is the first-ever English comedy festival where English is not the native language. In Finland, people don't seem to realise how good our stand-up comedians are, and with the help of this festival we would like change that." The showcase was a big hit, providing ample entertainment for locals and tourists – it even gave some local comedians the chance to show off their talents and practice their English!

See how Finland can bring a smile to your face with our amazing selection of holidays in Finland!

5. August 2014 by James Walker

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A Rise in Rudolph’s Ranks…

A rising sea level, melting icebergs and an ever increasing temperature – these are just some of the effects of climate change that have got the world shook up. There is one good thing to come out of it however, the population of Reindeer have increased in Norway!

These majestic animals are said to be thriving in the warmer climate as the countries crops are growing better and so, it is easier for them to find food.

A study was carried out by a team of scientists from The University of Manchester and The University of Tromsø. The researchers physically counted the herd in the valley of Adventdalen as part of a long term project. The 36 year study found that Svalbard Reindeer have grown from around 600 to an average of 1000 since the early 1980’s – this is a 30% increase!

Looks like Santa will have more help than ever this year! Take a look at our festive breaks and meet some of these amazing creatures.

31. July 2014 by Joanne Wilson

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