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Just Got Back From….the Alta Igloo Hotel

Alta Igloo HotelEntering its 14th incarnation, the Alta Igloo Hotel is my kind of hotel. On arrival, I couldn’t see the ice building. This was because the carefully carved structure is mostly hidden by the “warm building” which houses the reception area, changing facilities, conference rooms and restaurant. The minute I arrived, all I wanted to do was explore the hotel. Well, I say the hotel, I was actually mostly interested in perusing the dimensions and contents of the ice bar…and guess what? I was far from disappointed!

A few facts:

  • The Alta Igloo Hotel is an impressive 2000ft of snow and ice and attention to detail is magnificent, from the art and statues carved from ice that adorn the rooms and public areas, to the glasses in which our drinks were served in the ice bar.
  • This breathtaking hotel comprises an ice chapel, the ice bar, 30 bedrooms and multiple suites including an incredible honeymoon suite.
  • The interior temperature is between -4 and -7 degrees centigrade, but we were provided with insulated sleeping bags and slept on top of reindeer skins which kept us warm and comfortable.

9. February 2013 by James Walker

Just Got Back from… Saariselkä

Dog Sledding LaplandThe overall feel of the holiday village in Saariselkä is one of homely charm which would appeal to families and couples. My experiences here have been amongst my most memorable to date. The magical ambience of the snow covered fells and rustic cabin accommodation really do make for the ideal winter escape. The Kakslauttanen Igloo Village is a shimmering cluster of snow and glass igloos, log cabins and hotel rooms and suites. Although based in a picturesque rural area, there are numerous facilities nearby, including shops, cafés and other hotel restaurants. During my stay I plucked up the courage to embark on a snowmobile safari. As anyone who knows me will gladly tell you, I am the original scaredy cat, so this was no easy decision! However, in no time at all, my fear was superseded by excitement and I can highly recommend this as a spectacular way to imbibe the incredible Arctic scenery. Although snowmobiling may have filled me with slight, yes slight, intrepidation, I am always open to new experiences and so, when we stopped to enjoy reindeer around an open fire, I was happy to sample the local cuisine. If you are searching for a unique family break or a romantic getaway, the Kakslauttanen Holiday Village is well worth a look.

Hotel room Saariselka

Watch out for the Moose

26. January 2013 by Emma Smith

Kirkenes Snow Hotel

After reading the itinerary for this trip I knew this was going to be my kind of holiday. To say I wasn’t disappointed would be a colossal understatement. This trip screams, or more accurately I should say, roars action: ploughing through the snow at 100km per hour on a snowmobile over a frozen fjord was definitely one of my personal highlights. Snowmobiling alone is enough to pique my competitiveness, but throw king crab fishing into the mix and I am in my element. After successfully catching the biggest (obviously), I continued with the others and set off back to Lavvo where we enjoyed our catch, which was cooked to perfection and enjoyed with a crisp and most welcome glass of wine. Each day it seemed I was ticking item after item off my bucket list and the second day was no exception. Husky sledding was incredible! After some initial training concerning how to steer the dogs and about basic safety, we were let loose for four hours to explore the vast wilderness close to the Russian border. I’m ashamed to say it, but initially, I wasn’t convinced the huskies would know how to get us back, but I should have known that these dogs have their own Norwegian version of “The Knowledge” and of course, with only a little guidance from the musher, knew exactly where they were going. More...

19. January 2013 by James Walker

Kirkenes - a Small Town with Big Ideas

Huskies in KirkenesFor non-stop, fun-filled adventures in the snow, I can highly recommend you travel to Kirkenes. The Kirkenes Snowhotel in Norway is not only a jaw-droppingly incredible place to stay, it is ideally positioned for guests to experience a fantastic range of outdoor pursuits. Speed over the snow-topped terrains in a snowmobile or sample the traditional mode of transport – husky sledding, before embarking on a journey to look for the Northern Lights. The hotel is an inspiring creation of intricately carved ice rooms and features the famous Ice Bar. When you travel to Kirkenes do make time to visit the Andersgrotta. This Second World War air raid shelter is a historic hidden gem certainly worth discovering. The Aurora Borealis is often spotted in the Arctic skies above Kirkenes and is a draw for travellers all over the globe. When I visited Kirkenes, I took a bus tour to go in search of the lights and was fortunate enough to witness them on more than one occasion. I can highly recommend a stay at the Thon Hotel, which rests on the fjord front in Kirkenes. Behind a relatively simple frontage lies a stylish, comfortable interior which makes for a really good stay.

Kirkenes Airport

Snowmobiles in Kirkenes

12. January 2013 by James Walker

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