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Amazing Africa

Africa is an amazing continent! With wildlife and remarkable scenery in abundance, it’s a paradise for any nature lover. And with African safaris proving so popular, we’ve now got even more holidays offering an amazing array of experiences…

Travel to Botswana and meet the Big Five game in one of the largest national parks in Africa. Discover the barren Skeleton Coast in Namibia, housing many desert-adapted animals. Make your way to Tanzania and feast your eyes on the remarkable Mount Kilimanjaro. Visit the world-famous Victoria Falls on the Zimbabwe-Zambia border or head to Madagascar and encounter bio-diverse species, unlike any others in the world.

Take a look at our full range of African experiences and discover this great continent for yourself.


19. September 2014 by Emma Smith

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Who Needs a Sled When You Can Take the Bus?

Mighty Fine customers absolutely love our Husky Sledding experiences but it seems some huskies prefer a different kind of transport!

When the 722 bus service pulled up at a stop in Norsborg, Sweden recently, a Siberian Husky hopped on board and helped himself to a seat. Despite being a model passenger, the unescorted dog was soon taking another ride – this time in a police car – to the local police station.

Happy to say, the owners were soon located and reunited with their fare-dodging dog. Let’s hope they manage to curb his passion for independent travel!

16. September 2014 by James Walker

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The Real Life Lion King

Head to the picturesque Marakele National Park in South Africa, rimmed by the stunning Waterberg Mountains, and discover something truly magical – the real life Lion King!

Simba, who is named after the character in the film, is one of the parks oldest lions at 13 years. Michelle Sole is a park ranger here and has discovered that this lion’s life significantly represents that of the Disney character. She talks of another of the park’s lions, a female called Nala, for whom, it seems, Simba has strong affections. Sole says ‘I have only seen them apart three times and I’ve been doing two game drives a day for three years in this park’ adding ‘it’s biggest love story I have seen’. They are often seen gently rubbing their heads together or engaging in mutual grooming. More...

12. September 2014 by Emma Smith

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Tin Can Raises the Roof

A small tin of fermented Baltic Sea herring (Surströmming) has caused a media frenzy in Norway.

Cabin owner Inge Haugen found the forgotten tin in his loft, having placed it there some 25 years ago. Noticing the swollen Surströmming tin had raised the roof by around two centimetres, Haugen grew anxious, believing that it would explode.

After warning neighbours about the potential explosion, he decided to call in Norway’s Armed Forces who referred him to Ruben Madsen of the Surströmming Academy to help ‘disarm’ the tin.

Hundreds of journalists and inquisitive neighbours flocked to Haugen’s small cabin in the village of Tyrsil to witness the disarmament of this now famous tin. After careful consideration, it was decided that the tin posed no danger and tins of slightly fresher Surströmming were handed out to the crowds!

To sample the delights of Norwegian cuisine for yourself, take a look at our fabulous array of holidays.

9. September 2014 by James Walker

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Monsters of Rock

Who said dinosaurs were extinct? In Finland, a band full of dinosaurs - yes, dinosaurs - are sweeping the nation with their heavy metal music.

Aimed at children, Hevisaurus is a fun, educational band that uses amps which reach a child-friendly 85 decibels on stage. These monsters of rock first formed in 2009 and have gone from strength to strength since, having two top 10 albums already. Their singles focus on everyday events such as bullying, chewing gum, drinking milk and being part of the ‘Saurus army.

Band spokesperson Jan Streng says ‘Hevisaurus is about fun characters, nice stories, music, colours and lights. The band is suitably hard, but not scary.’

Travel to Finland with the Mighty Fine Company and you might even catch Hevisaurus in action!

4. September 2014 by Emma Smith


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