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Canada Bear Watching Holidays

Canada is famous for its breathtaking natural environment, abundance of magnificent wildlife and unique opportunities for true wilderness adventure. An exploration of this incredible location is the dream holiday for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts alike, and now with our Canada Bear Watching adventure, that dream can come true! These wildlife and wilderness encounters are enjoyed by a very small minority of people around the world, so take your chance to experience a truly unique journey of discovery.

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Our Spectacular Range

At the Mighty Fine Company, we offer tours in both summer and winter so that you have chance to see all the sensational range of bear species inhabiting the Great White North. Venture into the wilderness on a Canada Bear Watching holiday and discover an exceptional variety of these majestic creatures. From the impressive Black Bear, to the iconic Grizzlies to the King of the Arctic; the Polar Bear, all can be observed on our selection of tours.

So Much to See

Canada Bear Watching tours don’t only introduce you to these astonishing animals; there is so much more waiting to be discovered! Opt for boat excursions in British Columbia and search for yet another of nature’s giants: the whale. Orca and Humpbacks are often spotted in the waters around Canada on Bear Watching expeditions and a tour including both of these creatures is an experience you will never forget. Or you can journey to the Great Bear Rainforest and keep your eyes open for the abundance of creatures who live there. From the magnificent Grey Wolves to the Otters and incredible Bald Eagles, the forest offers unrivalled wildlife watching opportunities.

Summer or Winter?

Our selection of summer tours run through to early Autumn, giving you the chance to observe the iconic Grizzly Bears catching fish in the river as they prepare for their long hibernation. This image is one seen in countless photos and pictured by so many when thinking of Canada Bear Watching holidays. Take this opportunity to witness it first hand and enjoy the truly unforgettable sight. Or you can travel in winter and discover the experience of a lifetime as you watch the mighty Polar Bear in its natural habitat. You may even be lucky enough to see a mother with cubs and watch as the animals play together on the ice.

Make the Most of Your Tour

On an adventure to Canada, Bear Watching is just one of a host of fantastic activities you can enjoy. Take a boat cruise along one of the glacier-carver inlets and witness landscapes sculpted by astonishing natural features or, for something a little more hands on, a sea-kayaking excursion allows you to explore the Great Bear Rainforest estuary on a guided tour. For photography enthusiasts, whether amateur or professional, there’s plenty of free time to explore the picturesque wilderness surrounding you and capture the perfect holiday shot. And, of course, our winter tours to the north include the unforgettable chance to catch sight of the mesmerising Northern Lights as they dance across the Canadian skies.

Ready to Book?

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