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The Northern Lights in Canada

Experience the Northern Lights in Canada on a spectacular Tundra Buggy holiday. The mesmerising lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, are natural occurring phenomena which illuminate the dark winter sky of Canada in ribbons of green, blue and yellow. Tundra Buggies are specially adapted arctic safari vehicles which are unique to Canada. Northern Lights safaris in the Tundra Buggies enable you to venture further into the arctic wilderness than if you were on foot - travelling away from artificial lights increases the visibility of the Northern Lights. As well as the Northern Lights, Canada also boasts a wide range of attractions including an Eskimo museum, husky sledging snowshoeing. Our Northern Lights holiday is only available once a year, so book early to avoid disappointment.

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  • Canada: Northern Lights in Canada

    Witness the mesmerising Northern Lights in Canada from the Tundra on an unforgettable adventure

    A week-long, small group, Northern Lights adventure featuring four Tundra Buggy expeditions. Do you long to see the phenomenal Aurora Borealis? Do you dream of watching the magical streaks of green, red and violet dance above your head? Well, why...

    9 Days From £4281

  • Canada: Polar Bear Enthusiast

    A Polar Bear Watching Holiday introducing you to Eskimo culture and taking you onto the Tundra

    Action-packed, eight day, small group, adventure with three Tundra Buggy safaris searching for Polar Bears along the Hudson Bay coastline. The majestic Polar Bear is a stunning creature that most of us only dream of seeing. You can, however, make...

  • Canada: Polar Bear Photography Holiday

    A fantastic Polar Bear Photography Holiday, enjoy unique opportunities to observe these magnificent creatures

    An action-packed, nine day, small group, photography break, with five day trips on the Tundra Buggy searching for stunning Polar Bears in their natural habitat. Are you an amateur photographer keen to take the shot of a lifetime? On our Polar Bear...

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