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Canada : Snowmobiling Holidays

High-octane adventure on our Canada Snowmobiling Holidays

Explore vast landscapes on our Canada Snowmobiling Holidays. Travelling at exhilarating speeds, across pure white terrains, you will encounter wildlife, epic scenery and hidden hotspots.

When you embark on a thrilling trip to this fascinating country, you can enjoy Polar Bear excursions and spend time among the glorious wilderness searching for the majestic Grizzly Bear.

Whether your passions lie in photography, wildlife watching or you simply want to experience a completely different kind of break, our holidays in Canada guarantee an experience you will never forget.

Ready to find your perfect tour? Then look at our full range of holidays in Canada and get ready to get underway! If you need some guidance to help decide what type of holiday will suit, you can check out our Canadian Holiday Ideas or call our advisers on 0333 800 2033.

Be Inspired : Canada Snowmobiling Holidays

Canada: Snowmobiling Holidays for Families

Husky sledding on our Canada Snowmobiling Holidays

You may want to brace yourself for your family’s reaction when you tell them you they are going on one of our Canada Snowmobiling Holidays. Our exciting family breaks will unleash your inner child and allow your entire family to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors. Whisk them away to a winter wonderland where husky sleds race through the snow and each day is filled with memorable moments.

Explore Canada together as you strap on your snowshoes and trek across snow-laden terrains. Although there is a minimum age restriction for drivers of snowmobiles, children can simply hop on to the passenger seat and enjoy every moment of their thrilling ride through the Canadian countryside.

A Christmas Cracker of a Holiday

Make the festive season truly spectacular when you experience our Canada Snowmobiling Holidays. With snow guaranteed, you can revel in the joy of a white Christmas in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Treat your family to a seasonal break for the ultimate yuletide gift.

Luxury Log Cabins

Book our Snowmobiling Holidays in Canada and enjoy beautifully appointed, rustic accommodation set among idyllic vistas. Relax after fun-filled days in your comfortable lodge and rejuvenate at a sensational lakeside spa. Staying at an exclusive resort, you will have access to numerous facilities and activities. We have included a selection of excursions in our Canada Snowmobiling Holidays and, by combining activity days with leisure days too, we enable you get the best from your break.

Ready to Book?

Each of our Canada Snowmobiling Holidays can be adapted to include your chosen activities and, simply by contacting one of our helpful advisers, you can create your very own winter getaway. For further information about any of our breaks, or to discuss any of our holidays, contact us today.

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