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Royal Clipper Caribbean

Sail on the Royal Clipper in the Caribbean for a voyage like no other

Combine the dream cruising destination with the perfect vessel when you embark on-board the Royal Clipper for a Caribbean adventure. The world’s largest, full-rigged sailing ship is ideal for a luxury voyage through the stunning scenery of this ever-popular summer destination. With ports of call including the uninhabited Tobago Cays, an incredible location for underwater exploration, and the world-renowned rainforest and volcanoes of St. Lucia, you’re assured of an unforgettable discovery with every shore excursion! Experience the mixture of cultures, from British, to Creole to French as you explore these breathtaking islands with our Royal Clipper Caribbean cruises!

Our Caribbean Holiday Ideas can help you choose between our itineraries, ensuring that you enjoy your ideal cruise in this beautiful destination.

A Sensational Ship

The pride of the Star Clipper Fleet and only five mast ship on the water, the Royal Clipper offers the very best in luxury tall ship cruising. At over 130 metres long, this iconic vessel boasts a staggering 1760 square metres of open deck, three open-air swimming pools and a full complement of 42 sails! The spacious outdoor aspect to the ship is rivalled only by the comfort of its interior; passengers on Royal Clipper Caribbean cruises can enjoy a spectacular three-level dining room, an Edwardian style library, Piano Bar and Tropical Bar! These elegantly appointed facilities ensure that whether you’re looking for relaxation or excitement, there’s something on-board to suit! However, despite its incredible size, the Royal Clipper hosts just 227 passengers and 106 staff members. So, not only can you enjoy far more spacious surroundings than you would expect on a conventional cruise, there is roughly one member of staff for every two passengers! This ensures that all guests on our Royal Clipper Caribbean cruises receive a personal and quality service as standard.

An Unforgettable View

Take in the stunning scenery from the Royal Clipper on a Caribbean cruise

The Caribbean is home to some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery, from white sand beaches fringed by clear blue water to the more unusual volcanic islands in the region. Not only do Royal Clipper Caribbean cruises offer ample opportunity to disembark and explore these stunning locations for yourself, they provide a selection of features that allow you to simply sit back and enjoy the view in unique style! Head to the hidden balconies at the sides of the bow and take in the sight of this amazing location from your own secluded retreat. You can even climb the mast and unwind in one of the passenger crows-nests for the ultimate view of your surroundings. Finally, the Royal Clipper is home to the Captain Nemo Lounge. This is actually below sea level, allowing you to look out through underwater portholes and see the marine life of the Caribbean up close!

A Unique Destination

It’s easy to see why the Caribbean draws countless travellers every year to its sunny shores; the unspoilt landscapes, glistening sea and white beaches are ideal for a truly relaxing summer break. However, with Royal Clipper Caribbean cruises you discover so much more of this incredible region. Delve into the cultural blend of British and Creole heritage in Bridgetown as well as the mixture of French and Creole influence at Forte de France; experience a thrilling underwater adventure when you go snorkelling in Tobago Cays and head into the rainforest on St. Kitts for an invigorating hike into nature! All of this and so much more is available when you choose to explore the unforgettable islands of the Caribbean with the Mighty Fine Company.

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