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Christmas Market Holiday Ideas

Christmas Market Holiday Ideas

What better way to immerse yourself in the Christmas spirit than with a fabulous Christmas Markets river cruise? Europe’s Christmas Markets evoke the true spirit of Christmas, bustling with shoppers, heady with festive scents and brimming with all kinds of tempting treats. The experience here is every bit as important as the shopping and, with our fabulous Christmas Market river cruises, you can call in on a host of different ports of call, discovering their own unique take on the Christmas Market experience and picking up a selection of treasures from each country.

With so much to offer, it can be difficult to know where to start planning your getaway so, our simple, Christmas Market Holiday Ideas page takes you through the different attractions on offer, helping you to clarify where you want to go and what you want to see.

And there’s no need to worry if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for in our featured holiday selection because, as tailor made holiday specialists, we are always happy to put together a specialist package just for you! Simply call us on 0333 800 2033 or contact us using our online chat system.

Europe: Europe Christmas Cruise

Our Europe Christmas Cruises transport you to the best festive locations on the continent

Magnificent, 10 day package with an 8 day voyage, taking in the captivating Christmas markets of some of Europe’s most beautiful towns, travelling from Prague to Budapest. Celebrate the magic of the wonderful winter season with our fascinating...


Serious Shopping at the Christmas Markets

Some of us love Christmas shopping whilst for others it’s a real chore, but choose one of our Christmas Market Holiday Ideas and you’re guaranteed a fabulous, festive shopping experience this year. Each country you visit boasts its own unique handicrafts, there will be tempting treats and tasty tipples to keep you going as you search out the perfect gift, scouring each and every market stall. The range of products is simply amazing and you’re sure to find something for even the most demanding friend or relation. And when it comes to treating yourself, well, it would be rude not to, don’t you think?

Cultural Attractions

Explore Prague with our Christmas Market Holiday Ideas

Our Christmas Market Holiday Ideas focus as much on the destinations you visit as the markets you frequent. You’ll call in on some of Europe’s most amazing cities and enjoy ample time to drink in their ambience, visit their foremost monuments and search out their hidden gems. You’ll fall in love with the magic of Prague, lose yourself in the beauty of Vienna and fall head over heels for the charms of the Rhine castles. These Christmas river cruises are voyages of cultural discovery, each new destination brings fabulous experiences and thrilling encounters and what’s more, the timing of these breaks make them the perfect pre-Christmas pick-me-up!


Fabulous destinations await on our Christmas Market Holidays

Europe has some of the most amazing cities imaginable and, our Christmas Market Holiday Ideas invite you to visit some of its finest! Set sail on our Basel to Amsterdam itinerary and take in Swiss stunners, German gems, French fancies and Dutch delights. And if you choose our 10 day itinerary, you’ll start your break with two days in picture perfect Prague before sailing to Germany, Austria and Hungary. Indeed, if you’re a lover of culture, architecture and, of course, shopping, there really is no better holiday!

River Cruising

Set sail on a journey you won't forget

The River Cruise experience is one our customers always treasure. Sailing on a fleet of custom-designed, innovative ships, featuring spacious staterooms and premium amenities and offering first class cuisine, you’ll enjoy luxury and pampering. Service standards are first class too and there’s no doubt that, having sailed with us, you’ll want to do so again and again.

And There’s More!

Explore our other Christmas Market Holiday Ideas

Should you want something a little different than from our current offering, we’ve got a host of other Christmas Market Holiday Ideas just waiting to discuss with you. Simply call us on 0333 800 2033  or contact us via our office hours live chat system, tell us about your holiday dreams and make this Christmas one to remember!

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