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Top 10 Cities to Visit

At The Mighty Fine Company we have compiled a list of the places we believe to be some of the most spectacular on Earth. We have selected our Top 10 Cities to Visit this year based upon their reputation for outstanding natural beauty, unique culture and heritage, incredible wildlife and individuality. If you have never visited any of these exceptional cities, take a look at some of the holidays that we provide and discover the destinations for yourself. Read on to find out where we have included in our Top 10 Cities to Visit.

1. Reykjavík (Iceland)

Reykjavík (Iceland)

No other country quite compares to Iceland, and its capital of Reykjavík is a testament to its distinctive nature. This magnificent 'Land of Fire and Ice' boasts eerie lunar landscapes of gurgling mud pools, immense glaciers and erupting geysers that are set against a backdrop of rumbling volcanoes and snow-dusted mountains. The strangely exotic city of Reykjavík lies amid this epic scenery and with its chic urbanity, we have placed it first on our list of Top 10 Cities to Visit.

A Close Up Taste of Iceland with Northern Lights

2. Tromsø (Norway)

Most famously known for the fantastical displays of the Northern Lights, Tromsø is the Capital of the Arctic and home to mesmeric scenery. Situated in Norway, this hauntingly picturesque city is embraced by majestic mountains and fjords and abounds with history and culture. In summer, compelling vistas sit pretty under the Midnight Sun, but we think there is nothing more captivating than watching the colourful ribbons of the Aurora Borealis dance across the crisp, white landscape in winter.

Northern Lights Tromso City Break

3. Pompeii (Italy)

This spellbinding city is incomparable and its fascinating Roman history remains evident in the ancient ruins. Unarguably granted UNESCO World Heritage status, Pompeii gives a fascinating insight into the life of the Roman Empire. Following the tragic eruption of Mount Vesuvius, the city lay dormant under layers of ash and volcanic rock for many years before being rediscovered in 1749. The spirit of Pompeii lives on in the ancient archaeological sites and museum of this unbelievable city.

Magical Tour of Pompeii and Sicily's Mysterious History

4. Stockholm (Sweden)

Stockholm (Sweden)

This cosmopolitan Swedish capital fuses exciting culture with glorious countryside, reaching across an archipelago comprising 14 islands. Stockholm has a real buzz about it and the winding medieval streets in the city's old town, Gamla Stan, let you experience the true character of Stockholm. Breathe in the pure air, sail across Lake Mälaren and enjoy the vibrant cultural scene at our favourite Swedish destination which has made it in to our Top 10 Cities to Visit.

Stockholm to Gothenburg Cruise

5. St Petersburg (Russia)

Although St Petersburg is a Russian city, it has a positively European flavour, and Italian influences can be found in the lavish architecture and culture. Built on a chain of small islands, canals make up this progressive city centre. Grand monuments, ornate palaces and cathedrals unite to create this rich historic tapestry. St Petersburg is a seductive city that we couldn't resist including on our list of Top 10 Cities to Visit.

Northern Highlights and St. Petersburg and Moscow

6. Bergen (Norway)

Nestled below seven arresting fjords and seven imposing mountains in Norway, Bergen has found its way on to our list of Top 10 Cities to Visit due to its natural beauty. The UNESCO listed Bryggen Harbour is framed by colourful wooden houses that are at the heart of Bergen. Unparalleled panoramic views across the city and the surrounding scenery can be seen from one of the cable cars that climb to the summit of Mt Ulriken. Interesting museums, dynamic culture and breathtaking scenery put Bergen at number 6 on our list of Top 10 Cities to Visit.

Twin Centre City Break with Norway in a Nutshell Rail Journey

7. Moscow (Russia)

The Russian capital is one of the most historically rich cities in the world and plays host to beguiling buildings such as St Basil's Cathedral and the Kremlin which penetrate the incredible skyline. Moscow is the largest European city and is renowned for its architectural brilliance and its several UNESCO World Heritage Sites including the Kremlin and Red Square, making a trip here an overwhelming experience.

Northern Highlights and St. Petersburg and Moscow

8. Helsinki (Finland)

Enveloped by a pristine coastline made up of islands, inlets and bays, Helsinki is the stylish capital of Finland. Brimming with eccentric charm, the city is home to Art Nouveau architecture, trendy cafés and urban parks that make up its unique centre. Helsinki is a fairly modern capital on the Baltic Sea and is full of enchanting contrasts from east and west traditions. There is a wealth of attractions located around the city, including Helsinki Zoo, Sea Life and museums and we think it deserves a place in our Top 10 Cities to Visit.

UNESCO Baltic Capitals Tour

9. Istanbul (Turkey)

This mystical city is unique in that it overlaps the two continents of Europe and Asia. Also famous for the eclectic mix of Byzantine, Ottoman, Greek and Roman buildings, Istanbul's skyline is utterly remarkable, especially at sunrise. Minarets of grandiose mosques are a feature of the city and its lively nightlife is a great way to really get under the skin of Turkish culture. There is a terrific buzz and energy about Istanbul, which is why we have included it in our Top 10 Cities to Visit.

10. Venice (Italy)

Venice has not been given its reputation as the most romantic city in the world lightly. Idyllic waterways meander between charming buildings and artistic streets that reflect Italy's rich history ooze sensuality. The ornate Grand Canal palaces and St Mark's Square are wonderful sights to see in Venice and the high-end restaurants serve some of the finest Italian dishes. Everyone should make Venice one of their Top 10 Cities to Visit.

Eleven Night Athens to Venice

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