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Congolese Holiday Ideas

It may be a destination you haven’t considered before, but the remote Republic of Congo (not to be confused with larger Democratic Republic of Congo) is an absolute wildlife heaven. Look into the plethora of treasures on offer here and you’ll soon see why we’ve put together this page of Congolese Holiday Ideas to help you plan your dream getaway in this wildlife wonderland.

The republic of Congo is relatively new to the concept of tourism and, as such, remains pretty much untouched and picture perfect. This is the ideal location for adventurers, for those who like to see things first, experience things early. This ‘newness’ however, does not impact on standards, you’ll stay in good quality, well positioned holiday bases, enjoying every last minute of your time here and making the most of rare opportunities to explore the world’s second largest rainforest.

Take a look at our featured itinerary in this fabulous destination and, if it hasn’t got exactly what you are looking for, contact us on 0333 800 2033, and let us put together a tailor-made package just for you!

Congo: Congo Gorilla Trekking and Wildlife Safari

Incredible Gorilla Trekking Holiday in Congo's remote regions

Amazing, full board, eight day, wildlife adventure in remote areas of Congo searching for the Western Lowland Gorilla. Eager to discover man’s closest living relative? This Gorilla Trekking Holiday allows you to witness the largest habituated...

National Parks

With over 80% of the country’s 342,000sq km (or 132,000 sq. miles) covered in rainforest, it comes as no surprise that the flora and fauna in the Congo are simply amazing. The foremost national park here is the Odzala-Kokoua which is part of the world’s second largest rainforest – the Congo Basin. The park covers an area of 13,500sq km (5212 sq. miles) and is one of Africa’s oldest parks and home to 100 species of mammal, 430 species of bird and a vast array of primates. Also worth a mention, when pulling together a list of Congolese Holiday Ideas, is the Nouabale-Ndoki national park which, although much smaller in size than Odzala-Kokoua, also boasts an impressive array of creatures including elephants and primates.


The wildlife in the Congo is simply amazing and our fabulous Congolese Holiday Ideas invite you to encounter the local Western Lowland Gorilla population face-to-face on rainforest expeditions you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Slightly smaller than other species, these impressive creatures are a wonder to behold.  Until 2008, researchers had no idea that such a vast population of these animals were living here and their discovery gave new hope to the future of the species whose numbers have long been declining due to poaching, poor health and habitat destruction.  The developing tourism industry here helps to support local conservation work, protecting these stunning creatures and their equally amazing habitat where you’ll also encounter elephants, buffalos, guerezas and Black and White Colobus as you walk, kayak and ride.

City Life

Enjoy a different view of the Congo when you discover the capital Brazzaville with our Congolese Holiday Ideas. Home to around a third of the country’s entire population, Brazzaville is situated on the banks of the Congo River. Indeed, this is the only place in the world where two capital cities (Brazzaville and Kinshasa – capital of the Democrative Republic of Congo) face each other across a waterway.

Brazzaville  is a charming city – considered by many the most appealing in Central Africa. The city is brimming with attractions including stunning rapids, the modernist Basilique Saint-Anne, the Brazza memorial and the bustling Marche Total where you can buy anything from Congolese fabrics to caterpillars! Despite its numerous attractions, Brazzaville is relatively new to tourism so, as you discover the French and Belgian colonial influences here, you can savour the true authenticity of this wonderful city.  

And There's More

For the ultimate gorilla watching experience, why not combine this trip to the Congo with a few days in Rwanda tracking Highland Gorillas? For further details of this and other fascinating options to add extra sparkle to our Congolese Holiday Ideas, speak to our friendly travel advisers on 0333 800 2033 or contact us via our office hours online chat system.

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