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Cultural Cruises in the Black Sea

The Black Sea occupies the area north of Turkey, with Bulgaria and Romania to the west, Georgia to the east, Ukraine to the north and Russia to the east. It is connected to the world ocean via the Turkish Straits. Our Cultural Cruises in the Black Sea let you discover more about the intriguing histories in this part of the world. It was a busy waterway in ancient times and is believed to have been sailed by the Argonauts. Historic ports line the coast, some older than the Egyptian Pyramids, dating further back than 2500 BC. The Black Sea has also had historical importance during the wars, including the Crimean War and World War I and II. Throughout the voyage you can delve into the past and uncover fascinating stories at the array of destinations we visit. Sailing aboard the fabulous Aegean Odyssey, you will travel in style and comfort.

Ports of Call on Cultural Cruises in the Black Sea

The majority of voyages around the Black Sea set sail from Istanbul, Turkey’s largest and most vibrant city. You will have time to see some of the famous sights and landmarks of the city such as the Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace, before commencing Cultural Cruises in the Black Sea.

To enter the Black Sea, you will sail along the Bosphorus, which is the narrow strip of water separating the European continent from Asia. This is the only way in and out for cruise ships. One of the highlights of Black Sea voyages is the Sümela Monastery, which we access via the Turkish city of Trabzon. The historic monastery clings halfway up the side of a vertical cliff and contains remarkable frescos and a network of rooms and corridors, which are fascinating to explore. Another highlight which you might see during your cruise is the Genoese Fortress at Sudak in Ukraine, which has been exceptionally preserved since it was founded in the 6th century. For this reason it has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status. The diversity of the fortress’ architecture and magnificence of its monuments makes it a remarkable sight to see during Cultural Cruises in the Black Sea. Other great destinations include the charming town of Nessebur in Bulgaria, the grand city of Odessa in Ukraine and the beautiful port of Batumi in Georgia.

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