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Cultural Cruises in the Suez Canal

To make voyages between Europe and Asia much shorter, the Suez Canal was constructed in Egypt, linking the Red Sea to the Mediterranean. Also known as the ‘Highway to India’, the canal took 10 years to build and was finally declared open in 1869. Originally built to facilitate trade routes without the need to navigate around the African continent, the man-made waterway is also now used by tourists and you can sail along the length of it on one of our Cultural Cruises in the Suez Canal. Its existence has opened up a range of opportunities for hungry travellers that would otherwise not be possible. A cruise holiday that combines the vibrancy of India and the calmness of the Mediterranean, for instance, brings an aspect of diversity to the itinerary, which every discerning traveller craves. How else could such remarkable destinations be combined into one sensational cruise holiday?

Destinations on Cultural Cruises in the Suez Canal

The waterway is owned and maintained by the Suez Canal Authority of Egypt. At the north end is Port Said and at the southern extent is Port Tawfiq, both of which control the entry to the canal. At only 205 metres wide and almost 200 kilometres long, Cultural Cruises in the Suez Canals are fascinating and thrilling.

One of the destinations that you might visit during a Suez Canal voyage is the ancient site of Petra in Jordan. This historic city is believed to have been inhabited since 312 BC and is most famous for its impressive rock-cut architecture, where temples and places of worship have magnificent façades carved into the cliff sides. You might also visit Israel whilst cruising near the Suez Canal and delve into the ancient religious world. Explore Jerusalem, see the famous Mount of Olives, and visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the legendary Wailing Wall.

Whilst voyaging in the Red Sea, you may have the chance to explore some sensational destinations in Egypt such as Luxor with its two enormous temple complexes, Sharm El-Sheikh and the fascinating St Catherine’s Monastery and the famous Valley of the Kings, which is home to Tutankhamun’s Tomb. With all these destinations and more to look forward to during cultural cruises in the Suez Canal, don’t let anything hold you back from this voyage of a lifetime.

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