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Gota Canal Sweden

This historic and renowned waterway meanders through some of Sweden’s most picturesque scenery, connecting a series of 66 locks, man-made canals, ocean waters and glossy lakes. The Göta Canal in Sweden stretches from Gothenburg in the west to Stockholm in the east, uniting two of the country's most vibrant cities.

Our wonderful cruises allow you to soak up the serenity of Sweden’s countryside as well as introducing you to many fascinating towns and villages that are steeped in historical and cultural sites. Visit Trollhättan and the medieval Läckö Castle that rises up from the shores of Lake Vänern, and explore the ancient ruins of Vreta Convent which dates back to the 12th century. The boat docks at each destination, allowing you time to enjoy guided tours and excursions or discover each place at your leisure. Admire the stunning panoramas as you stroll along the canal’s towpath whilst the boat negotiates the locks. During your cruise along the Göta Canal in Sweden you will be served mouth-watering cuisine that is made from fresh, locally sourced produce.

Sweden’s charming cities draw you into the sociable atmosphere as the people here are friendly and the café culture lets you sample delicious pastries as you watch the world go by. Timber houses peek out from behind pretty birch trees and the cobbled squares are lined with stylish shops where you can buy interesting gifts. A cruise along the Göta Canal in Sweden is a relaxing way to experience the country’s highlights and escape the stress of everyday life.

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  • Sweden: The Great Swedish Cruise

    A Gota Canal Cruise taking you back to the Golden Age of cruising, introducing you to Sweden's cultural highlights

    Relaxing, eight day holiday, featuring a six day Gota Canal cruise travelling from Gothenburg to Stockholm. Experience the beauty of Sweden’s waterways on this wonderful, six day Gota Canal Cruise. Admire the breathtaking Swedish countryside as...

  • Sweden: Stockholm to Gothenburg Cruise

    Sail from Stockholm to Gothenburg on this fascinating cruise

    A memorable, five night, Gota Canal cruise from Stockholm to Gothenburg. The Göta Canal connects several rivers and lakes to create an idyllic route between two of Sweden’s greatest cities: Stockholm and Gothenburg. The canal is one of the most...

  • Sweden: Gota Canal Cruise

    Embark on a Gota Canal Cruise and discover stunning scenery and pure relaxation

    A tranquil, eight day holiday, featuring a six day cruise along the Gota Canal, packed with cultural discoveries. Discover Sweden’s exquisite scenery, charming architecture and fascinating attractions on this unforgettable six day Gota Canal...

  • Sweden: From Coast to Coast

    A Cruise in Sweden is a great way to see the country at its best

    Relaxing, six day holiday, featuring a four day culture cruise along the world-famous Gota Canal. Travel along the historic Göta Canal and absorb the splendour of one of the world’s most scenic waterways as you relax on a cross-country Cruise in...

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