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Greenland Arctic Cruise Holidays

Attracting people from all over the world to its ever-changing landscapes, Greenland is a country enveloped in history and awe-inspiring vistas. This is the destination for those looking for a holiday with a difference and if you thrive on the prospect of days filled with endless adventures, Greenland is the place for you. Bask in the beauty of the undulating terrains, shimmering glaciers and vast mountain ranges of Greenland. Feast on views of majestic icebergs, as you drift upon the icy waters of the ocean and observe Arctic creatures such as whales, arctic foxes and the walrus, in their own habitats. A trip to Greenland is like no other and The Mighty Fine Company has designed incredible cruises to show you the best of what Greenland has to offer. Why settle for anything less than the holiday of a lifetime when you can book a unique break that the entire family will enjoy?

A Voyage of Discovery

Greenland not only offers incredible natural aspects, which will be explored during your time on a Mighty Fine holiday, but by booking a cruise to Greenland you will also visit some of the most charming villages and towns of this idyllic country. Houses of various colours adorn the picture-postcard landscapes of Greenland, appearing like vibrant gems, clustered among the green expanse. Discover the history of the Inuit people and see how communities have evolved through the centuries when you visit the various villages of Greenland. Purchase locally crafted gifts and enjoy tours of the galleries and museums. Alongside organised tours of Greenland, there will be ample opportunity to explore locations at leisure with free time and optional excursions factored into your trip to Greenland. If you travel between the latter part of May and the middle of July, you will be fortunate enough to experience the magnificence of the Midnight Sun. This Arctic phenomenon ensures Greenland is saturated in sunlight all day long, as the sun does not set at all during this time.

Cruise in Comfort

The vessel that transports you around the dramatic coastline of Greenland is a top of the range ship, equipped with modern facilities to ensure complete satisfaction for the duration of the Greenland cruise. Enjoy delicious meals in the stylish setting of the on-board restaurant and relax in comfortable accommodation during an unforgettable tour of Greenland.

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