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Egypt : Holidays and Advenutres

See amazing attractions on our Egypt holidays

At the Mighty Fine Company, we offer a range of exceptional cruise holidays to Egypt that take you along the banks of the breathtaking River Nile.

Besides being known as the longest river in the world, the Nile is also attributed with allowing one the greatest empires of the world to come into existence. Without the River Nile, Egypt may not have been able to thrive as it did and the land of the Pharaohs would not have the same prominence in history as it does now. Running through Northeast Africa, the historic waters of the Nile pass through some of the most spectacular locations, which is why the Mighty Fine Company has chosen the Nile for one of its renowned river cruises. Known for our tailor-made, unique holidays, we have designed journeys on the River Nile which will both tantalise and educate you. Our river cruises on the Nile in Egypt allow you to see some of the great wonders of the world, from the pyramids to the once hidden treasures of the Pharaohs.

Be Inspired : Egypt

Egypt : A Journey of Cultural and Historical Discovery

Egypt offers an enthralling combination of enticing history amidst the bustling metropolis of modern life. By embarking on Egypt Nile River Cruises, you will discover the culture of this vibrant country and will have the opportunity to explore the monuments and ancient buildings of a mystical land. When travelling on board one of the luxury cruise ships on the Nile, you will see Egypt from a very different perspective. Greeted by stunning coastal views of the historic landscapes and monuments that line the shores of the Nile, you can relax in complete comfort as you travel from one fascinating destination to the next.

Egypt : An Adventure Like No Other

Our Egypt Nile cruises vary from breaks that last eight days, to more extensive voyages of fifteen days. Whichever journey you select, you are guaranteed days filled with adventure and intrigue as you embark on exciting tours and excursions beyond the River Nile. The facilities on board the ships are excellent and ensure your journey along the Nile is as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Experience the delight of a leisurely cruise on the River Nile, coupled with the excitement of visiting incredible sites such as the Valley of the Kings and beautifully preserved temples.

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