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How to Pack for a Cruise on the Nile

No matter what kind of holiday you are embarking on, it is preferable to keep the number of cases to a minimum, therefore it is essential to know How to Pack for a Cruise on the Nile and what items are absolutely necessary.

Embarking on a fantastic journey to the land of pyramids and Pharaohs is a dream for many an adventurous traveller, but knowing exactly what to pack for a cruise on the Nile is sometimes a quandary.

As cruise vessels will be air-conditioned and dress codes are usually informal, pack casual wear and include a jumper or cardigan for early mornings and evenings when it will be cooler. You may want to dress a little smarter in the evenings, although this is not a formal requirement, so don’t forget to pack something suitable. It is generally warm throughout the year along the Nile, so if you’re travelling during the summer months, it is essential to pack light clothes with longer sleeves to prevent sunburn as well as a sun cream with high SPF protection (no matter what season, a lightweight waterproof jacket is also advisable!) Another element to take into account when wondering How to Pack for a Cruise on the Nile is the religious culture of many parts of Egypt. It is considered respectful to wear modest, unrevealing garments, with your arms covered, especially if you intend to enter any religious and sacred buildings.

During a Nile Cruise you will be stopping off at many fascinating locations and may want to walk around the cities and towns at length. Therefore pack sensible walking shoes or trainers to ensure your comfort at all times.

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Knowing How to Pack for a Cruise on the Nile

There is an abundance of astounding sights to see during a cruise on the Nile and you are certain to want to capture them all on camera. From the tombs of the Pharaohs, to the historic pyramids, ensure you have plenty of photographs to show friends and relatives back home by packing a camera, extra batteries and an empty media card.

Although many things will be included on a Nile cruise, such as meals and refreshments, it is advisable to take your credit card and some local currency. There will be stops at several interesting ports and bazaars, so it is helpful to have some Egyptian pounds to hand if you intend to purchase any local goods.

Some of our Nile cruises include overnight stays at hotels, so make sure you pack suitable swimming attire for when you want to enjoy a dip in the hotel’s swimming pool. Many of the ships also have swimming pools on board.

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