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Escorted Tours

Explore the most beautiful areas on our Escorted Tours

If you’re one of those people who believes Escorted Tours involve copious hours on uncomfortable coaches, it’s time to take another look! Modern Escorted Tours transport you to stunningly beautiful locations in real comfort and, what’s more, you certainly don’t need to travel by coach if you prefer not to.

Escorted Tours are a great getaway option as your accommodation and transport are already arranged and you’ve got an expert guide to answer your questions and ensure everything is to your liking. In other words, all aspects of your holiday are taken care of, so all you have to do is enjoy your break.

Where in the World Will You Go?

The Mighty Fine Company offers Escorted Tours across a wide range of destinations. So, whether you long to snowmobile through the Russian wilderness, would love to explore the lush Norwegian landscape under the Midnight Sun, fancy cruising the beautiful waterways of Sweden or simply want to explore the wonders of Iceland, our range of Escorted Tours are sure to suit.

Snowmobile Fun

Setting off from Finland and travelling to Russian Karelia, our six day snowmobile extravaganza is an adventure lover’s dream. Whizz over glistening fells, zoom over frozen lakes and hurtle through enchanting forests. Now, how’s that for an Escorted Tour with a difference?

Aurora Inspiration

See the Northern Lights on our Escorted Tours

If you’ve always longed to experience the beauty of the Aurora, our Icelandic Northern Lights Exploration tour combines light spotting excursions, Aurora lectures and presentations plus daytime tours of the fabulous landscapes of this amazing country.

What could be more magical than a sighting of the Aurora against the inky black skies? Remember your camera so that you can capture the swirls of colour as they unfold across the darkness.

Magnificent Norway

Opt for our summer Escorted Tours and let the Land of the Fjords itinerary transport you to glorious lakes, thundering waterfalls and humbling fjords. Beginning in Bergen, you will travel by coach, boat and rail to Norway’s lively capital, Oslo. This fabulous blend of country and city life is sure to appeal to a wide range of travellers.

Sailing in Sweden

Summer is also the season of choice for waterway tours of Sweden. Calling in at fabulous destinations, navigating impressive runs of locks and taking time out to explore historic monuments and quaint villages, these Escorted Tours make the most of scenic landscapes and local culture and heritage.

Ready to Book?

In essence, when it comes to Escorted Tours, our holiday selection really does offer something from everyone, from the seasoned explorer to those in search of peace, tranquillity and relaxation. These holidays take you to new and exciting destinations, offer simply amazing excursions and all come with the added bonus of an expert guide. So, what’s not to like? Peruse our Escorted Tours selection, speak to our travel advisers and look forward to a stunning getaway where you can leave your worries behind and savour the magic of each and every moment.

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