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Escorted Tours : Iceland

Witness Europe's most spectacular formations on Escorted Tours in Iceland

Iceland is inarguably one of the world’s finest destinations for natural discovery; from its thundering waterfalls and towering peaks to its frequent displays from the Northern Lights, the island offers an unrivalled array of things to see. However, packing all of these iconic features into a single break can be challenging, which is where our range of Escorted Tours in Iceland comes in! These guided adventures use the experience of local guides to take you to the country’s myriad of hotspots and ensure that you witness the very best Iceland has to offer, whether that’s the otherworldly lava fields of the Snæfelsnes Peninsula or the exceptional wildlife of Húsavík. The adventure doesn’t end there though! The country boasts its own unique and fascinating history and culture, from its Viking past to its folklore and legends. Delve into this unforgettable topic with the help of your knowledgeable guides when you choose our Escorted Tours of Iceland!

If you've got your heart set on our escorted tours of Iceland, take a look at our holidays and find your perfect break! However, if you still need a little more guidance before you make your mind up, pop over to our Iceland Holidays Ideas page or call our travel advisers on 0333 800 2033.

Spectacular Features

Iceland’s geological features offer its visitors both an unforgettable sight and a humbling discovery of the power of nature. Escorted Tours of Iceland allow you to incorporate many more of these staggering features into your adventure than is often possible on independent journeys. Encounter two record breakers on one holiday as you’re guided from Europe’s most powerful waterfall; Dettifoss, to its largest glacier; Vatnajökull which covers an incredible 8% of Iceland’s landmass! Combine your experience of these sensational formations with a range of other unbelievable features. Our Escorted Tours of Iceland offer the chance to tour the world-famous Golden Circle, visit the mystical Blue Lagoon and enjoy a whale watching safari in Húsavík, often known as the whale watching capital of Europe thanks to the 23 different cetacean species that frequent its waters, all in one break!

Viking History

A key challenge on independent adventures is combining your discovery of the stunning natural features with its fascinating past. Escorted Tours of Iceland take care of this for you as they include visits to locations like Borgafjöður, often referred to as Saga Valley! Here you can uncover more of the ancient Viking history of the island and, benefitting from the knowledge of your guides, gain a much deeper insight than would otherwise be available. From ruins to legends, the intriguing history is best discovered with the help of our experts on Escorted Tours of Iceland!

Northern Lights Adventures

Learn to photograph the stunning Northern Lights on Escorted Tours in Iceland

Frequent host to the dazzling displays of the Aurora, Iceland has become famous for its incredible Northern Lights watching opportunities. What better way to search for this captivating phenomenon than with the help of Icelander Haukur Snorrason? Not only is Haukur an experienced and knowledgeable guide, he’s also a world-famous photographer who’s more than happy to share his extensive expertise in Northern Lights photography with his guests! Escorted Tours of Iceland don’t come much better than this as you learn the techniques and master the skills of capturing iconic Aurora shots. Take home an utterly unique souvenir after an adventure in the Land of Fire and Ice with an unforgettable guide!

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