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Escorted Tours : Norway

Discover Norway's most stunning locations on Escorted Tours of Norway

Opt for our Escorted Tours of Norway and experience the highlights of this iconic country in comfort. Enjoy coach tours through the stunning country, stopping off to explore a range of locations, from incredible natural features and thriving towns and cities. Alternatively, search for the Northern Lights on a voyage along the breathtaking coastline. If you’re looking for to see a wider range of places, why not choose one of our longer tours? Begin with an adventure in fjord Norway, taking in the sights and culture before heading on a tour of the Scandinavian Capitals! Discover the unique culture and history of Stockholm, Helsinki and Copenhagen on these extended itineraries. For the ultimate Escorted Tour, go from Norway to the Scandinavian capitals and on to St Petersburg and Moscow! These journeys introduce you to the world-renowned highlights and hidden treasures of each destination.

An Adventure in Fjord Norway

Journey to the land of the fjords with the Mighty Fine Company and enjoy the very best in Escorted Tours of Norway. Choose our six or eight day itineraries or opt for extended two to three week tours and take in all the highlights. Our shorter adventures allow you to discover the wonders of the fjords, including the UNESCO-Listed Geirangerfjord and Voringfos, Norway’s tallest waterfall (180 metres). Add to this the cultural delights of Oslo, Bergen, Balestrand and you’ve got a perfect insight into this beautiful country with Escorted Tours in Norway!

Multi-Centre Tours

Explore Helsinki and beyond on Escorted Tours of Norway and the Scandinavian capitals

Experience the joy of our Escorted Tours of Norway, Stockholm, Helsinki, St Petersburg and Moscow on an exhilarating 18 day adventure! Discover the unique charm of Stockholm’s old town: Gamla Stan, marvel at the stunning Art Nouveau architecture of Helsinki and explore the iconic fjords of Norway before heading over the Russian border to St Petersburg and Moscow. Enjoy guided tours of some of the most incredible historic sites in the country, including the State Rooms of the Winter Palace, the Kremlin and the magnificent Armoury Museum!

Opt for the shorter extension taking in Stockholm, Helsinki and Copenhagen alongside Escorted Tours of Norway and complete the Scandinavian set as you explore all the region’s capitals in unique style! Head for dinner in the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, or capture your own iconic photos of Stockholm’s Royal Palace, or take in the range of cultural wonders in Helsinki’s many museums and galleries. The Escorted Tours of Norway, Stockholm, Helsinki and Copenhagen combine the awe-inspiring sight of Norway’s natural wonders with the cultural diversity of all four Scandinavian capitals, offering a journey you won’t soon forget!

A Unique Voyage

For a different way to experience our Escorted Tours of Norway, choose an Astronomy Voyage along the coast. Led by experienced astronomers, these journeys take you in search of the beautiful Northern Lights, not only offering you incredible chances to see them but also providing an in depth understanding of their scientific causes. Uncover the myriad of myths and legends surrounding the Aurora for a cultural discovery alongside the scientific revelations as you enjoy an unforgettable voyage along the Norwegian coast.

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