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Europe : Adventure Holidays

Try dog sledding when you travel to Europe for Adventure Holidays

Adventure is all about spirit and freedom, having the will to go that extra mile, step outside your comfort zone and reap the benefits.

Whether it’s an activity you’ve never tried before or a destination you’ve never been, our Europe Adventure Holidays guarantee to put you in the driving seat and let the good times roll!

Try snowmobiling, dog sledding and much, much more. These holidays are the ultimate choice for those who want to make the most of every minute of their getaway.

Full-On Adventure

If you’re looking for intense experiences on our Europe Adventure Holidays, our winter multi-day snowmobiling and husky sledding tours are ideal. After initial driving and safety instruction, you will set out into the wilderness to put your new found skills to the test, discovering amazing locations en route. You can discover the joys of the Finnish Wilderness, cross the Swedish border for a night at the Icehotel or journey into Russian Karelia to enjoy some simply amazing natural beauty. And for a real taste of seclusion, how about a trip to Spitsbergen, the kingdom of the Polar Bear where you will stay in a remote Trapper’s Hut with only a team of huskies for company. From here you will set out on a snowmobile safari, through the Arctic, for an overnight stay in a converted Dutch schooner. If you’re looking for adventure, this one is hard to beat!

Amazing Wildlife

If you are travelling to Europe for Adventure Holidays searching for wildlife, you’ll love our great selection of tours. Perhaps you’ll travel to Finland’s wild Taiga for a little Brown Bear spotting or maybe Sweden is more your style? Here you can track down wolves and listen to their howls from the comfort of your hide. Lovers of marine life will seize the opportunity to set sail on whale watching excursions in Norway and Iceland and, if you would like to see Polar Bears in their natural habitat, a trip to remote Spitsbergen could be in order.

Family Fun in the Sun

Discover the great outdoors on our Europe Adventure Holidays

Adventure holidays can take place at any time of year and our trips to Finland and Iceland in the summer give you plenty of opportunities to demonstrate your sporting prowess. Forget the forested activity centres of the UK, this is real action in the most stunning natural surroundings. One day you’ll be mountain biking, another horse riding and yet another canoeing or white water rafting. Our summer Europe Adventure Holidays let you try a wide range of activities and, with a backdrop featuring glaciers, lava beaches and natural springs, there really is no better option.

Stay Awhile

Great holidays need great accommodation and our Europe Adventure Holidays offer some of the best. The fabulous Swedish Icehotel is certainly a place to visit once during your lifetime. You’ll be amazed at the ice carving here, enchanted by the mood lighting and stunned by the beautiful ice rooms in this winter palace.

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional in terms of accommodation, the Finnish ‘Kelo’ style log cabins are the picture perfect option. These chocolate box, pine log cabins come complete with cosy bedrooms, roaring log fires and even, in some cases, a private sauna. What more could you ask for after a fun-filled day in the snow?

The Harads Treehotel injects a touch of quirkiness into our Europe Adventure Holidays. This amazing destination features a selection of themed suites so you can snooze in a UFO, sleep in a Bird’s Nest or disappear into the forest in a stylish Mirror Cube.

And for all of you Aurora Hunters out there, why not combine a great evening’s Northern Lights viewing with a really comfortable night’s sleep by opting for a stay in a heated glass igloo?

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Our Europe Adventure Holidays offer a host of new and exciting experiences. For more information about these amazing itineraries, speak to our friendly, helpful travel advisers and start planning your dream getaway.

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