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Europe : Husky Safari

Meet the locals when you travel to Europe for a Husky Safari

Discover a spectacular range of destinations with our range of thrilling husky sledding holidays across Europe. Fly over the Finnish Fells, across the snow-blanketed Norwegian wilderness or through the pristine terrains of Sweden under the power of your own dog team as you delve into the unique cultures and landscapes of these iconic continental destinations. An authentic experience of traditional travel in Europe, Husky Safari adventures introduce you to this long standing practice and allow you to learn more about the importance of dog sledding to those living in these Arctic regions, as well as teaching you the skills of a husky musher!

Sensational Destinations

Finland, Norway and Sweden all have their own unique charms, whether it’s the incredible chance to meet Santa, the opportunity to witness the breathtaking fjords or to spend a night in innovatively designed accommodation. Lending itself to everything from family adventures to romantic honeymoons, Finland’s countryside offers a breathtaking winter playground, perfect for husky sledding excursions, or you can choose a multi-day adventure and head off the beaten track as you roam through Finland’s wilderness, truly mastering the technique of driving team! Norway specialises in shorter excursions, taking you out into the unrivalled natural surroundings stretching as far as you can see and allowing you to experience the exhilaration of a Europe Husky Safari while still guaranteeing comfort and style. A visit to Sweden takes you to the cutting edge of architecture and design, with bases ranging from the iconic Icehotel to the magnificent Harads Treehotel! The exceptional variety of accommodation makes Sweden an intriguing and unforgettable destination for a Europe Husky Safari.

One thing all of our European destinations have in common is the incredible chance to see the Northern Lights illuminate the skies over your snow-topped haven. These captivating displays are a highlight of adventures in northern Europe and, if you’re lucky enough to spot them, are a sight you will never forget.

Amazing Accommodation

Our range of Europe Husky Safari holidays incorporates an incredible assortment of unique bases. For an undeniably cool place to stay, you can choose from a selection of Ice and Snow Hotels from across Finland, Norway and Sweden! Opt for a night in a heated glass igloo in Finnish Lapland and enjoy uninterrupted views of the night sky, and maybe even the lights of the Aurora or for a snowy experience you can choose to stay in an authentic Arctic igloo or the Lainio Snow Village! In Norway you can venture to the Snow Hotel at Kirkenes and indulge in the spectacular range of wintry pursuits on offer or visit the iconic Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel; the world’s northernmost Ice and Snow Hotel. If you want to experience the original Icehotel, Sweden is the destination for you! The first of its kind, the Icehotel Sweden is an unforgettable place to stay.

Fulfil the ultimate childhood dream with a night at Harads Treehotel. The selection of rooms includes the Blue Cone, Mirror Cube, Birds Nest and the UFO, whichever you choose you’re guaranteed an incredible night above the forest floor. If romance is on the agenda then our husky safaris can be based from the Eagle’s View suite in Iso-Syöte, take in the panoramic views of Finland’s Fells from this secluded retreat.

Romantic Breaks

See the Icehotel when you travel to Europe for Husky Safari breaks

A Europe Husky Safari can be enjoyed on a romantic honeymoon in Finland. Glide through the picturesque countryside together on the first getaway of your marriage and discover the beauty of Finland in incomparable style. If you’re still looking for something special for the big day itself, you can opt to hold the ceremony at the Lapland Igloo Village or the amazing Icehotel and experience an incredible husky safari together in either of these unique locations and guarantee a truly magical day.

Safaris to Suit

Our selection of Europe Husky Safaris range from activities lasting a few hours if it’s simply one experience amongst many on your holiday, or multi-day wilderness adventures for those of you seeking to enjoy the intense adventure. Explore the landscapes of your destination before returning to the comfort of your accommodation to unwind, or embark on a full-on exploration of the region, travelling from wilderness lodge to wilderness lodge and uncovering the countless hidden gems you discover off the beaten track!

Ready to Book?

Tempted by our selection of adventures in Europe? Husky Safari holidays are an unforgettable experience and our range includes something to suit everyone. If you need any further information on any of our tours, or would like help with booking, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our experienced travel advisers to arrange your once in a lifetime adventure.

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