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Europe : Ice and Snow Hotels

Experience a different kind of holiday in our Europe Ice and Snow Hotels

Those searching for the perfect winter holiday need not travel far as Europe has Ice and Snow Hotels that will make your seasonal getaway the best trip yet. Constructed each year in Sweden, Finland and Norway and carved from tonnes of snow and ice, each hotel is an intricately designed masterpiece of stunning contemporary architecture. Make your way through icy corridors to your sensational room or suite and spend the night wrapped in reindeer skins and insulated bedding on beds made from or surrounded by ice. Ice and Snow Hotels provide so much more than unforgettable accommodation. Their Ice chapels, galleries and bars provide intrigue for travellers who enjoy the unique and unusual.

Adventures in Europe: Ice and Snow Hotels

Holidays in these wonderful hotels also include a variety of exciting activities, with snowmobiling, dog sledding and reindeer sleigh rides featuring as just a few of the pursuits guests can enjoy. The artistic traveller can even try their hand at a little ice sculpting with lessons from experienced sculptors on offer at some of the hotels. Our holidays in Europe Ice and Snow Hotels include some of the most exhilarating winter activities imaginable and you can even book additional (chargeable) excursions to enjoy during your free time.

Northern Souls

See the Northern Lights in Abisko on our breaks in Europe Ice and Snow Hotels

Due to their location in the north of Europe, Ice and Snow Hotels are ideal for those who have always wanted to see the Northern Lights. For centuries, those who spied the lights believed them to be the souls of deceased warriors or messages from the Gods. Watching the waves of colour seep across the Arctic skies, against a backdrop of a clear night sky, is an experience everyone should have at least once in a lifetime. We provide breaks dedicated to Aurora activities and experienced guides will escort you on husky dog safaris and snowmobile expeditions to the most advantageous positions to spot the phenomenon. Should the Aurora appear, you will want to capture the memory forever and our guides will advise you how best to photograph the lights – it’s not as simple as you may think!

For an unrivalled Aurora experience, a visit to the Abisko Aurora Sky Station is a must. This mountain-top retreat takes you well away from all competing light sources to offer some of the world's finest Northern Lights spotting opportunities. Not only can you see the lights here, the base is so remote that many visitors claim to have actually heard the sound of the Aurora as it dances across the skies.

Arctic Accommodation

The truly adventurous will adore Norway’s Kirkenes Snowhotel. This magnificent structure, only a short jourmey from the Russian border, has its own reindeer and husky farms, allowing you to experience the traditional transport of Lapland. For those who prefer things a little warmer, why not book a stay at the Igloo Village in Finland and appreciate the elements from the comfort of a heated glass igloo? These superb glass domes boast panoramic views of the Lappish countryside and are the perfect romantic retreat.

To ensure the ultimate comfort during your stay, our holidays at Europe Ice and Snow Hotels feature one night in an ice room or snow igloo. You will spend the majority of your break in a rustic lodge so you can return, each day, from your adventures, to a luxuriously comfortable hideaway in the wilderness.

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