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Europe : Photography

Capture stunning wildlife shots with Europe Photography Holidays

Europe is a fascinating playground of colourful vistas, eye-catching architecture and intriguing, indigenous wildlife. Our Europe Photography holidays are ideal for enthusiastic novices who enjoy taking stunning snaps and experienced photographers looking for their next challenge. Take advantage of our full range of services including experienced tour guides and professional guidance from professional photographers as you go in search of inspirational subjects for the ultimate picture.

Europe: Photography Workshops

Return from your holidays with more than the usual tourist snaps and impress your family and friends with photographs of a professional quality. Our Europe Photography tours include workshops led by esteemed photographers who will offer advice on everything from the best camera equipment to use, to the best methods of capturing moving subjects.

Animal Magic

Some of our more popular Europe Photography holidays are the spectacular whale-watching tours. Venturing out to sea, you can bask in the beauty of the Norwegian coast as you travel into the territories of whales, dolphins and swooping sea birds. During your stay you can also sail along Norway’s picturesque fjords which provide ample opportunity for photographs of mountainscapes, flora-strewn hilltops and shore-side wildlife. For those who prefer to stay on dry land, why not book a bear watching holiday and photograph these majestic animals in their natural habitats? Suitable for families, couples and lone travellers, these breaks invite you into Europe’s wilderness to witness bears at play, hunting and lounging in the forests.

The Northern Lights in Europe

Take home your own unbelievable Aurora photos from Europe Photography holidays

The Aurora Borealis is notoriously difficult to photograph, but by attending our Northern Lights workshops and with assistance from knowledgeable Europe Photography Tour guides, you will be well prepared should the Lights appear. The best time to travel to spot the Aurora is during late autumn and winter and the Mighty Fine Company has hand-picked the perfect destinations where you are most likely to view this incredible phenomenon. Enjoy days filled with breathtaking adventures in Arctic regions and travel across snow-dusted terrains at night, into the wilderness, to search for the Lights.

Activity-Filled Holidays

Each day of our Europe Photography holidays provides new experiences in sensational destinations such as Tromsø and Trondheim. Explore areas that are bursting with medieval splendours and alluring landscapes. Experience the beauty of the Lofoten Islands and have your camera at the ready for a visit to the Seven Sisters waterfall. Alongside the carefully planned itineraries, our Europe photography holidays include free days where you can relax at the hotel or enjoy the highlights of your location.

Grab your camera and prepare for the holiday of a lifetime when you book a Europe Photography adventure break. Browse our website for a full range of photographyholidays and discover our unique collection of exciting short breaks and longer trips.

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