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Europe : Snowmobiling

Travel to Europe for Snowmobiling holidays

There are few things more exhilarating in life than the thrill of a snowmobile ride. Zooming through the countryside, with the ice cold air on your face and the beauty of nature all around, this is a pastime you won’t forget in a hurry. Our Europe Snowmobiling holidays offer something for everyone from the enthusiastic novice to the seasoned expert. There are shorter half-day expeditions, overnight excursions and even full snowmobiling holidays. If you’re in the market for fun and adventure, look no further!

Activity Weeks in Europe with Snowmobiling

If you want to combine your snowmobiling with other great things to do, our activity breaks could be just the thing. Great for families, couples and groups, these breaks let you sample a whole host of activities ranging from snowmobiling and dog sledding to reindeer rides and ice fishing. There’s often time too, once you’ve identified your favourite activity, to go back and do it again with the optional activity programme on offer in each location. The snowmobiling element of activity holidays tends to last around half a day and is a good introduction to this amazing way to travel. It’s fair to say that, when it comes to snowmobiling, once is never enough!

A Real Celebration

Many customers choose our Europe Snowmobiling holidays as part of their festive celebrations. And, whether you’re on a Christmas or a New Year break, snowmobiling is sure to be a real highlight, enabling you to get out and about and appreciate the real beauty of the local countryside.

Couples looking for a romance with a touch of healthy competition, will love our winter honeymoon breaks at the Eagle’s View in Iso Syote. When you are not cuddled up by the fire in your cosy treetop abode, you will be out trying activities such as snowmobiling and trying to impress your other half with your superior skills!

Night Time Snowmobiling

See the Northern Lights on our Europe Snowmobiling holidays

Our Europe Snowmobiling breaks are also a great option for those who want to search for the mystical Aurora.

Many of our snowmobiling tours are available as evening Northern Lights hunts. You will set out into the wilderness to locations well away from artificial light where you can settle down around a campfire and wait for the magic to begin.

Experience this amazing natural phenomenon on our Europe Snowmobiling holidays and life will never be the same again!

Extreme fun

If you’re a little more serious about your snowmobiling, why not try our extreme adventure holidays? These amazing getaways offer the opportunity for extended snowmobiling adventures where you cross borders, discover wilderness locations and stay in cosy lodges en route. Opt for the full on snowmobile experience and spend five days flying through beautiful countryside, discovering natural gems well off the beaten track, or choose a combined snowmobiling and dog sledding tour and discover the joys of both amazing pastimes.

Amazing Accommodation

If you want to make your holiday accommodation every bit as thrilling as your activites, why not choose one of our Europe Snowmobiling holidays featuring a night in a snow hotel? This cool accommodation makes for a truly unique experience and, perhaps surprisingly, offers a rather comfortable night’s sleep, as you wrap up warm in snuggly, thermal sleeping bags.

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