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Finland: Holidays and Adventures

Enjoy scenic beauty when you travel to Finland for Holidays you'll treasure forever

Bordered by Sweden, Norway and Russia, Finland is the eighth largest country in Europe and an extremely popular destination for activity holidays. At 5.4 million, Finland’s population is similar to that of Scotland, though the country covers an area over 100,000 miles greater than its UK counterpart.

Historically, Finland has belonged to both Sweden and Russia before declaring itself an independent republic in the early 20th century.

In terms of its geography, Finland is a flat country with few hills and mountains. Its highest point is in the extreme north, an area of Finnish Lapland. What the country lacks in peaks, however, it more than makes up in water. Finland is home to well over 150,000 lakes and a similar number of islands. The country, in fact, has its own lakeland area in the south west and its largest lake – Saimaa - is the fourth largest in Europe.

Many people travel to Finland for Holidays in the winter and the majority of these breaks are based in Lapland – the northern part of the country and home to the Sami people.

Take a look at our full range of holidays in Finland and choose your ideal break, or check out our Finnish holiday ideas for a bit more guidance on what we offer!

Wonderful Luosto

A little further north, the Aurora Chalet in Luosto is set amid magnificent snow formations and a canopy of pine forests. Those travelling on Finland Holidays will be delighted by how much there is to see and do here. So whether you long to try husky sledding or show shoeing, snowmobiling or cross-country skiing, this place is a wonderful place to spend your break.

Aurora Adventures on Finland Holidays

As we travel up the country further into Finnish Lapland, the draw of the Aurora becomes ever stronger. A great number of people, in fact, choose Finland Holidays for the opportunities to search for the Northern Lights. Destinations such as Kakslauttanen in the north east of the country offer the perfect location to view this magical light display – and you can even do so from the comfort of a glass igloo! The more adventurous traveller, on the other hand, can opt for a night in an authentic ice igloo.

Another of our popular Finland Holidays with fantastic chances at an Aurora sighting is available in marvellous Menesjarvi. An area steeped in Sami culture, this is a great place to visit in autumn and winter, offering you the chance to combine Aurora hunting by night with some fabulous cultural exploration by day.

Fabulous Fells

Enjoy amazing activities on Finland Holidays

If you want to travel to explerience Finland Holidays filled with scenic beauty, Iso Syöte is a wonderful destination. Situated just beneath the Arctic Circle, this fabulous holiday base is located in Finland’s southern fell region amidst a beautiful forested landscape. A whole host of winter activities are on offer here and the destination appeals to holidaymakers of all ages.

A similar experience is on offer on Finland Holidays in Ruka where the idyllic Salonkijärvi Lake and its surrounding forests provide an ideal setting for ice fishing, snowmobiling and dog sledding.

Family Fun

If snowy family fun is your idea of heaven on Finland Holidays, our breaks in Kuhmo, on the Russian border, are an absolute must. Here you can take part in a whole host of winter activities as you enhance the magic of the season.

Activity Heaven

In the north east of the country we offer fabulous breaks to Munio, Harriniva Torassieppi and Lainio. These fabulous locations are ideal for travellers looking to make the most of Finland Holidays filled with fun and adventure. Experience the majestic beauty of these remote regions exploring them on foot, by sled or snowmobile. You’ll be thrilled by the range of accommodation on offer here and mesmerised by the sheer beauty of your location.

Enjoy the Summer on Finland Holidays

Not everyone ventures on Finland Holidays in the winter months. Come summer, the natural beauty of this place appears as the snow melts away. This is the time we welcome nature lovers and cruise goers to these shores. There are adventures to be had searching for Brown Bears in the wild Taiga of eastern Finland and this beautifully rugged area also hosts a plethora of activity holidays with cycling, hiking and white water rafting providing thrills aplenty.

Finland is also a popular port of call on numerous cruises. Indeed, if you join the Baltic Capitals cruises, you’ll have the opportunity to explore wonderful Helsinki in the far south of the country, taking in its fabulous blend of old world charm and modern style.

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