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Arctic Flavours and Nordic Gourmets

Rukan Salonki is not just a place to go for winter activities, it also offers a wide selection of experiences that let you indulge in some of Finland’s finer things. Sample some of the region’s distinctive cuisine and Arctic flavours, learn how to rustle up appetising dishes or enjoy a relaxing smoke sauna and Jacuzzi. Finland proudly clings to its traditions while at the same time experimenting with innovation, and it is this open-mindedness that contributes to the country’s uniqueness.

This area of Finland is well known for its organic, local ingredients and Arctic flavours, which are fused together to create gourmet masterpieces. Freshly caught fish from nearby rivers, various kinds of berries and root vegetables are just some of the components that make up the Arctic flavours of Nordic cuisine. The long, cold winters, untainted soil and lengthy summer days give dishes from the Arctic their extra special taste. Hailed as the ‘Land of a Thousand Lakes’, Finland is famous for its abundance of fresh fish, but you will also find that game and berries commonly appear on Finnish buffet tables.

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Fisherman's Friends

Journey out onto a frozen lake with an experienced fisherman and check the nets that lie beneath the surface of the ice. You will be taught about the village’s history and tradition of fishing before having the opportunity to sample some of the whitefish in the nearby kota. In the evening, sit down to a mouthwatering dinner and enjoy fresh Arctic flavours.

Fisherman's Delicacy Buffet - Restaurant Juomuskota

Sample the fresh fish from the lakes of Kuusamo and discover the culture and local customs from your hosts, Tuomo and Marjo Ollila. At their home, tuck into a bountiful buffet of seasonal specialities and Arctic flavours, which include cold and warm fish dishes, salad, vegetables and berry pie.

Smoke Sauna, Ice Sauna and Jacuzzi Experience

It is customary in Finland to warm up in a sauna at the end of a day spent in the cold outdoors. It is a social experience as well as being relaxing and possessing many health benefits. After the smoke sauna, brave the cold with a dip in the ice hole in the lake, or if you prefer to stay in the warmth, kick back in the Jacuzzi and watch the Arctic sky from beneath the bubbles. You will also have the chance to try out the ice sauna, which as its name suggests, is built from ice, however, you remain nice and warm inside.

Riita-Mari’s Countryside Feast – Restaurant Pohjolan Pirtti Country House

Work up an appetite in a pre-dinner sauna and hot pool. Later, enjoy the comforting, homemade food and Arctic flavours that are created from age-old recipes, which have been handed down at Pohjolan Pirtti. Cold meats, salads, stew and root vegetables are the order of the day, with fresh fruit berry compote to refresh the palate afterwards.

Tundra Cooking Course – Studio Restaurant

Discover the tricks of the trade and learn how to cook like a true gourmet chef using a variety of Arctic flavours. Meet like-minded budding cooks and use your newly found skills to prepare a three-course meal. In the evening, taste the fruits of your labour as you enjoy the food and good company.

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